In the ever-evolving world of fashion, trends come and go, but some hairstyles have a knack for making a comeback. One such style that has recently regained popularity is the shag haircut.

    This tousled, layered look exudes a carefree vibe while adding texture and movement to your locks. If you’re seeking a fresh, edgy update for your tresses, shag haircuts might just be the perfect choice.

    What are Shag Haircuts?

    Shag haircuts first gained widespread popularity in the 1970s, thanks to iconic figures like Jane Fonda and Mick Jagger rocking the look. This rebellious hairstyle is characterized by feathered layers, choppy ends, and a messy, undone appearance. The beauty of shag haircuts lies in their versatility – they can be styled to complement various face shapes, hair textures, and personal styles.

    Inspiring Shag Haircuts

    1. Tousled Shag

    Tousled Shag

    This classic shag haircut features choppy layers throughout, creating a tousled, effortless vibe with plenty of movement and texture. It’s perfect for those who want a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

    2. Curly Shag

    Curly Shag

    Embrace your natural curls with this curly shag cut. The layers help define and accentuate gorgeous ringlets, resulting in a voluminous and bohemian style full of body and bounce.

    3. Shaggy Lob

    Shaggy Lob

    A shaggy lob (long bob) is a fantastic option for those with medium-length hair. The layers frame the face beautifully while maintaining length, creating a modern and textured look.

    4. Shag with Bangs

    Shag with Bangs

    Incorporate wispy bangs into your shag haircut for a chic, eye-catching style that draws attention to your facial features. The bangs add a touch of mystery and edge.

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    5. Cropped Shag

    Cropped Shag

    A cropped shag is perfect for those who prefer a shorter, edgier look. The layers create tons of texture and movement, while the shorter length adds a punk rock vibe.

    6. Razor Shag

    Razor Shag

    With razored ends, this shag style has a perfectly imperfect, edgy finish that looks effortlessly cool and modern.

    7. Feathered Shag

    Feathered layers shag cut

    Feathered layers add beautiful movement and a ’70s vibe to this shag cut, making it a retro-inspired favorite for those who love a vintage look.

    8. Shag with Curtain Bangs

    Shag with Curtain Bangs

    Face-framing curtain bangs complement the shaggy layers in this trendy style, creating a soft and flattering look that frames the face.

    9. Asymmetrical Shag

    Asymmetrical Shag

    An asymmetrical cut adds an extra touch of edginess to the shag, with one side styled longer than the other for a modern, fashion-forward look.

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    10. Shag with Highlights

    Shag with Highlights

    Highlights strategically placed throughout the layers can accentuate the shag cut’s texture and add gorgeous dimension to your hair.

    11. Shag with Undercut

    Shag with Undercut

    An undercut creates a striking contrast and adds an elevated, edgy vibe to this shag style, perfect for those who love a daring look.

    12. Shag with Fringe

    Shag with Fringe

    A full fringe adds a retro, vintage feel to this shag haircut, giving it a bohemian and free-spirited aesthetic.

    13. Wavy Shag

    Wavy Shag

    Loose waves pair beautifully with shag layers, creating a tousled, beachy vibe that looks effortlessly chic.

    14. Shag Pixie

    Shag Pixie

    A cropped, shagged-out pixie cut is a daring and edgy choice for those who prefer a super-short shag style.

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    15. Shag Mullet

    Shag Mullet

    A modern take on the classic mullet, this shag style features shaggy layers that gradually get longer towards the back, creating a fun and playful look.

    16. Shag Bob

    Shag Bob

    A shag style on a shorter bob length is a great option for those who want a low-maintenance yet trendy look that frames the face beautifully.

    17. Shag with Color

    Shag with Color

    Vibrant hair colors, such as bright reds, blues, or purples, can make the shag layers pop and add a touch of edginess to this style.

    18. Layered Shag

    Layered Shag

    Extreme layering from top to bottom creates maximum texture and movement in this shag haircut, resulting in a high-volume, statement look.

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    19. Piecey Shag

    Piecey Shag

    Strategically cut pieces create an undone, edgy finish that looks effortlessly cool and perfectly imperfect.

    20. Shag with Flipped Ends

    Shag with Flipped Ends

    Flipped ends add retro flair and movement to this shag style, creating a fun and flirty look that channels vintage vibes.

    How to Style Shag Haircut?

    Here are the steps to style a shag haircut:

    • Start with damp hair and work in a volumizing mousse or salt spray from roots to mid-lengths for texture and body.
    • Rough dry your hair using your fingers, scrunching and tousling to create natural-looking waves and movement.
    • Flip your head upside down and blast the roots with the dryer for added lift and volume.
    • Once mostly dry, use a round brush to smooth out any unruly sections while maintaining the piecey, layered look.
    • Finish with a lightweight hairspray to lock in the shaggy style and add hold.
    • Run your fingers through the hair for that undone, “just rolled out of bed” appearance.

    How to Maintain Shag Haircut?

    To keep your shag haircut looking fresh, regular trims are essential. Visit your stylist every 6-8 weeks to maintain the layered shape and remove any split ends. Invest in high-quality shampoos and conditioners to nourish and protect your hair from environmental damage. Additionally, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep your shag haircut looking healthy and vibrant.

    Final Thoughts

    Shag haircuts have made a triumphant return, offering a perfect blend of edginess and effortless cool. Whether you opt for a tousled shag, curly shag, or shaggy lob, this versatile hairstyle allows you to express your unique personality while staying on-trend. Embrace the shag craze and let your inner rock star shine through with this fearless, textured look.

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