55 Hot Burgundy Nail Designs Ideas 2024 Will Make You Go Crazy

Do you need inspiring and hot burgundy nail designs? We’ve got you covered with a collection of 55 hot burgundy nail designs.

Burgundy nail designs never go out of style. They look glamorous, pretty, and mesmerizingly elegant.

Burgundy is a very small part of the complete color palette. But it has enough shades to keep your nails dolled up for the whole winter.

And no one said that you couldn’t use these shades in summers as well. You can! Or you can alternate between cooler tones and burgundy tones to change the mood.

Considering the narrow array of shades that come with burgundy, you’ve got only a few colors to show off. Or do you?

The colors might be limited but they have enough choices to match different skin tones enhancing the beauty of every hand in the process.

Before you proceed, make sure you understand your skin tones and how they will impact your nail polish color choices.

Here are 75 burgundy nail designs to fill your manicure schedule for the upcoming season. Are you ready to start planning your winter style? Or just use one style for the next week.

Best Burgundy Nail Ideas

1. Hot and Cool

Hot and Cool

All burgundy nail designs don’t have to be hot. Include a pinch of coolness with white glittery polish on alternate nails.

2. Ombre Glitter

Ombre Glitter

Ombre is in trend these days. Mix up burgundy and glitter using this method.
Add More Glitter

So, glitter – if it’s in cool shades of white, pink, and blue – will add coolness to your style. On alternate nails and the tip of burgundy polished nails, use silver glitter in ombre gradient.

3. Burgundy Flowers

Burgundy Flowers

On the middle fingers, get a crème coat of white nail designs. Finish it off with burgundy flowers and stalks on top.

The pinky finger, thumb, and index finger will get burgundy polish with a crème finish.

4. Light and Dark

Light and Dark

Mix things up some more with light and dark burgundy shades alternating each other on your hands. Choose pinkish hues for some and brownish shades for others.

5. Floral Accessories

Floral Accessories

Just accentuate the beauty of your shiny burgundy polish with silver flowers on top. Line them up diagonally to impart more style.

6. Plain Ombre

Plain Ombre

Ombre is the best technique to enhance any burgundy nail designs . Go from dark to light shades of vice versa as you please.

7. Ombre with Accessories

Ombre with Accessories

Accessorize it with diamonds running in the middle.

8. Jelly Finish with a Moon

One More

Jelly finishes are cool on their own. But if you want to add a twist, shape your tip as a moon with silver polish.

9. One More

These nude shade crescents are upside down and designed on the base of burgundy nail designs.

10. Switch the Styles

Switch the Styles

Using different styles on alternative nails is the way to go if you want to keep the design cool despite the heat that accompanies the burgundy color.

Alternate between silver glitter and your choice of burgundy shade.

On the two middle fingernails painted pink, use single coffin of rhinestones to beautify the appearance.

11. Burgundy and Sheer

Burgundy and Sheer

Another plain style that doesn’t need much artistic work from you is alternating sheer nail polish with burgundy shade.

12. Sheer Polish with Burgundy Tip

Sheer Polish with Burgundy Tip

Coat your coffin nails with sheer polish. Then paint burgundy french tips.

13. Another Combo of Sheer and Burgundy

Combo of Sheer and Burgundy

Do you think that burgundy and sheer polish have limited styles to choose from? Think again.

This style will alternate between plain burgundy polish and sheer polish with burgundy tips.

14. A Mix of Styles

A Mix of Styles

Or you can throw all the concerns about following styles and patterns out the window. Mix up glitter, sheer with a burgundy tip, jelly, and accessories randomly across nails.

15. Matte and Glitter

Matte and Glitter

These are two entirely different finishes but they can complement each other on random nails.

16. Add Golden

Add Golden

Between nails of patterned burgundy polish, keep a fingernail for silver and gold glitter in ombre technique.

17. Sheer and Golden

Sheer and Golden
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If you’ve chosen to alternate between sheer and burgundy colors, top off the sheer nails with golden color.

18. Or Add Patterns

Or Add Patterns

Make them vertical, criss-cross, or horizontal, just make patterns with a burgundy and black nails combo.

19.  Another Triangle Tip

Another Triangle Tip

No, it’s not a tip – just a small triangle of sheer polish at the bottom of burgundy-colored nails.

20. Matte and Pure

Matte and Pure

With a pinkish undertone, paint a burgundy matte polish to showcase your elegance.

21. The Theme of Flowers

The Theme of Flowers

Between the crème finish of burgundy nails on both sides, decorate middle nails with pink flowers on white polish.

22. Matte Finish with Curved Lines

Matte Finish with Curved Lines

Add beauty to matte finished burgundy polish with white curves.

23. Matte and Accessories

Matte and Accessories

Burgundy polish looks most elegant when it has a matte finish. Add a twist of color and style with accessories to this polish.

24. A Mix of Colors

A Mix of Colors

Let every nail present a different shade of burgundy polish.

25. A Criss-Cross in White

A Criss-Cross in White

Use it on only one nail in each hand.

26. Glitter Ring Finger

Glitter Ring Finger

Let your ring finger stand out on each hand with silver glitter in the middle of burgundy-colored polishes.

27. Add Another Color

Add Another Color

Consider pairing with other colors like green or grey.

28. Burgundy with Flakie Finish

Burgundy with Flakie Finish

Use burgundy polishes with a flakie finish to get larger, sporadic dots on the jelly surface.

29. Bejeweled Nails

Bejeweled Nails

Accessorize the base of your burgundy polished nails with small diamonds.

30. Burgundy with Hearts

Burgundy with Hearts

Feature golden metallic polish on pinky and index fingers and complete the look with burgundy hearts.

31. Polka Dots

Polka Dots

But burgundy is mature and elegant, right? Burgundy polka dots will only add to this elegance when they stand against white or pink sheet polish.

32. Contrast with Blue

Contrast with Blue

Just like that, you get a unique style that also looks awesome.

33. Against Golden Background

Against Golden Background

If you can afford to warm up your manicure a little more, use burgundy colors on top of a golden base coat. It’s still not hot enough? Use golden glitter.

34. Stripes of Green

Stripes of Green

Mix up the colors. Use straps of green between the bordering, diagonal straps of burgundy.

35. Check Pattern

Check Pattern

It’s another way to highlight your fun-loving nature in the middle of mature-looking burgundy nails.

36. The Tiger Stripe Pattern

Tiger Stripe Pattern

If alternating between styles is what you want in your manicure, use white and black stripes to accentuate the burgundy color on other nails.

37. Snowflakes


Winters are for snow and a desire for warmth. Mix up the two.

38. Use Waves

Use Waves

Between alternating golden and burgundy nails, use a wave-like pattern to mix both colors.

39. The Golden Heart

The Golden Heart

Again, on the ring finger, accentuate the sheer polish with a golden heart between burgundy nails.

40. Chic and Naïve

Chic and Naïve

Paint burgundy polish with nude color diagonally on each nail.

41. Remembering the Autumn

Remembering the Autumn

These cozy burgundy nails with orange autumn nails will remind you of the past season.

42. Use the Duo-Chrome Finish

Use the Duo-Chrome Finish

Don’t worry about spending lots of time painting and decorating your nails. Get a duo-chrome burgundy polish and you are done!

43. The Shade of Purple

The Shade of Purple

Burgundy color becomes even more attractive when it has a purple undertone. And this polish is even suitable for warmer seasons.

44. White and Red Stripes

White and Red Stripes

This sparkly style will invite attention to your ring fingers with a mix of red and white colors in narrow stripes. For other fingers, use glitter of silver and red hues.

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45. Mustard Orange is New Golden

Mustard Orange is New Golden

You may want to ditch the golden color for a reasonably low-key mustard orange color. For other nails, use ombre technique to move between pink and burgundy.

46. Burgundy on Nude

Burgundy on Nude

Nude colors are the perfect base coat to paint your burgundy patterns on. Paint burgundy hearts or flowers on top of a nude shade.

You can use the combo on a single ring nail or you can alternate between designs.

47. Nude with Accessories

Nude with Accessories

You don’t want to mess with your awesome burgundy nails. But your alternating nude nails are available for decoration.

Use accessories to decorate a crescent at their base. Or make a crown.

48. Rhinestones


These beautiful nail art accessories will add shine and luster to your already smooth polish. Get them in blue nails, silver, or green shades to ascertain their beauty.

49. The Purple Flower

Purple Flower

The combination of purple and burgundy is uniquely soothing. Use a dark shade of burgundy and decorate it with a purple flower on top.

50. Pink Shade

Pink Shade

Use ombre technique to paint the top of an otherwise burgundy nail in a pink shade. You can alternate this design between jelly-finished, burgundy polished nails.

Or you can feature it on your pinky and ring finger.

51. Jelly Finish with Accessories

Jelly Finish with Accessories

Decorate a triangle at the base of your burgundy nails with a jelly finish.

52. Burgundy Jelly-Finish on Small Nails

Burgundy Jelly-Finish on Small Nails

No, you are wrong. The burgundy palette is not reserved for long nails. You can proudly boast it on your small layers as well. Use plain polish or decorate a crescent at the bottom.

53. A Hint of Golden

Hint of Golden

Are you ready to say goodbye to autumn? On your burgundy top coat, give a slight node to the leaving season with a single line in golden.

54. Leafy Short Nails

Leafy Short Nails

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55. Burgundy Butterfly Style

Burgundy Butterfly Style

Take Away

Burgundy has a warm appearance. You would use this manicure when you want to align with the warmth of the occasion.

Otherwise, winter is the perfect season for using this nail color. You can add cool colors to balance out the hot feeling of this shade.

Silver, pink, and purple are some shades that will lighten its mood. Also, white can balance out its effect to some extent.

Use accessories to suit the occasion. But also check the finish before choosing the accessories.

Matte finish is an especially tricky finish when it comes to choosing accessories.

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