Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s most famous and iconic soccer players. He is known not only for his incredible talent on the field but also for his fashionable hairstyles off the field. Ronaldo’s hair has gone through many different looks, often sparking new trends and countless imitations.

    Let’s look at 10 of Cristiano Ronaldo’s most famous hairstyles over his illustrious career.

    Iconic Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles

    1. Buzz Cut

    Ronaldo Buzz Cut

    One of Ronaldo’s earliest hairstyles was the simple buzz cut. As a young talent, he kept his hair short and professional. This clean look allowed him to focus his image entirely on his soccer skills.

    2. Curly Mullet

    Curly Mullet- cristiano ronaldo hairstyles

    In the early 2000s, a teenage Ronaldo sported a curly mullet while playing for Sporting CP in Portugal. The mop-top mullet was a daring choice but allowed him to achieve both lengths in the back and volume on top.

    3. Faux Hawk

    Ronaldo Faux Hawk

    By the time Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United in 2003, he had adopted the popular faux hawk hairstyle. This edgy cut features shaved sides with longer hair on top styled upwards. Ronaldo’s faux hawk showcased his trendy style.

    4. Curls

    Curls- cristiano ronaldo hairstyles

    Ronaldo’s affinity for curly locks continued with his shoulder-length curls at Manchester United. His natural ringlets added flair to his game and became his signature look.

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    5. Wavy Side Part

    Wavy Side Part- cristiano ronaldo hairstyles

    Opting for a more polished style, Ronaldo transitioned to a wavy side part around 2009. The longer waves on top added texture, while the clean sides kept the look neat.

    6. Short Side Part

    Ronaldo Short Side Part

    Ronaldo chopped his hair into a shorter side before the 2010 World Cup. This classic hairstyle with precise lines made him look sharp on the field.

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    7. Combed Over

    Ronaldo Combed Over

    Ronaldo adopted a combed-over hairstyle with his newly cropped hair during his early years at Real Madrid. The sides were kept extremely short while the top was combed diagonally.

    8. Quiff

    Cristiano Ronaldo Quiff

    By 2013, Ronaldo upgraded to the stylish quiff hairstyle. His hair was combed upwards and forward into a voluminous quiff of extreme height. This eye-catching look became Ronaldo’s go-to style.

    9. Man Bun

    Man Bun- cristiano ronaldo hairstyles

    When he felt like switching it up, Ronaldo sometimes sport a man bun, gathering his long hair atop his head. This look showed off his hair length and versatility.

    10. Buzz Cut Comeback

    Buzz Cut Comeback

    Ronaldo recently returned to the short buzz cut seen during the 2018 World Cup. This trimmed style allows him to remove all distractions and shine on the field.


    Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles have made nearly as much of an impact as his record-breaking soccer career. He is unafraid to take risks and set new trends with his hair. Ronaldo’s most iconic looks have included the mullet, faux hawk, curly locks, quiff, and buzz cut. It will be exciting to see what hairstyle he tries next as he continues dominating the game.

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