So you’ve got this awesome medium-length hair, right? Well, get ready to rock some seriously cool styles without all the fuss. We’ve put together a killer article with 50 super easy hairstyles for medium hair. No more stressing about what to do with your locks – we’ve gotcha covered!

    From laid-back casual vibes to boss-level professional looks, and even some glam styles for those fancy nights out, we’ve rounded up everything you need. Get ready to check out a bunch of trendy hairstyles that you can actually pull off. Say goodbye to hair-related headaches and hello to looking amazing effortlessly.

    Let’s jump in and find your next go-to hairstyle!

    Glamours And Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

    Here’s a collection of hairstyles tailored specifically for medium-length hair. These hairstyles effortlessly blend glam and ease, ensuring you’re the center of attention on any occasion.

    1. Side Braid

    Side Braid

    It involves loosely braiding hair to one side. Begin at the nape of the neck, incorporating hair as you braid along the way. Leave some strands loose for a relaxed look. This style exudes a carefree and charming vibe in medium hair, perfect for various occasions.

    2. Ballerina Bun

    Ballerina Bun

    It involves slicking back the hair into a high ponytail, then twisting it tightly into a coil. Secure with pins and a hairnet for a polished look. This classic style exudes sophistication and neatness, making it ideal for formal events or a refined appearance.

    3. Half Up Braided Hairdo

    Half Up Braided Hairdo

    This hairstyle involves braiding a small section of hair on each side of your head. Secure the braids at the crown, leaving the remaining hair flowing. This style blends the charm of braids with the elegance of half up half down, offering a versatile and appealing look for medium hair.

    4. Sophisticated Low Ponytail

    Sophisticated Low Ponytail

    Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair tie. Smooth the hair for a polished appearance. This refined style exudes simplicity and grace, making it a timeless choice for various occasions and complementing medium-length hair beautifully.

    5. S-Shaped Waves

    S-Shaped Waves
    Source: InStyle

    S-shaped waves are crafted using a flat iron or curling wand. By gently twisting the iron while moving down small hair sections, you achieve waves resembling the letter ‘S’. This method adds a textured allure, enhancing volume of your medium hair with a stylish vibe.

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    6. Wet Hair Look

    Wet Hair Look
    Source: Pinterest

    The wet look for medium hair is achieved by applying a wet-look gel or pomade to damp hair, slicking it back or styling it as desired. This glossy and sleek appearance mimics the effect of wet hair, offering a modern vibe that’s perfect for fashion-forward events.

    7. Space Buns

    Space Buns

    The space buns hairstyle involves splitting the hair into two sections and creating buns on either side of the head. These buns are usually placed on top or at the back of the head, resembling two “buns” in space. This playful style offers a cute and youthful appearance.

    8. Face Framing Highlights

    Face Framing Highlights

    Face framing highlights are strategically placed lighter strands of hair near the face. These highlights add brightness, enhancing facial features and providing a sun-kissed effect. By drawing attention to cheekbones and eyes, face framing highlights create a flattering look.

    9. Beach Waves + Top Knot

    Beach Waves + Top Knot
    Source: An Indigo Day

    It entails curling sections of hair to create relaxed waves. Pull the upper half of your hair into a loose bun or twist, securing it with pins. This style achieves a breezy, beach-inspired appearance that strikes a balance between casual and elegant.

    10. Half Cornrows

    Half Cornrows

    Half cornrows, also known as half braids, involve weaving sections of hair into cornrows or braids while leaving the rest of the hair down. This hairstyle combines the practicality of braids with the freedom of loose hair, offering a convenient option for various hair textures.

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    11. Barbie Ponytail

    Barbie Ponytail
    Source: Baltijas Krasti

    To achieve a Barbie ponytail, start by curling the hair for volume and texture. Pull hair into a high ponytail at the crown, leaving out a small section. Wrap the section around the ponytail’s base to conceal the elastic. Secure and spray for a glamorous and polished look.

    12. Blunt Bangs

    Blunt Bangs

    It involves cutting a straight-across fringe that falls just above the eyebrows. This edgy style adds a bold and structured element to the face, emphasizing eyes and features. It works well with medium-length hair, providing a sleek and modern touch to your overall look.

    13. Faux Hawk

    Faux Hawk

    To achieve a faux hawk upstyle on medium hair, section the center from forehead to nape. Pin it to create volume. French braid the sides, securing at the back. Tease the center section and shape it into a Mohawk-like style. Secure with pins, creating a trendy and edgy look.

    14. Claw Clip Hairdo

    Claw Clip Hairdo

    Back in fashion, claw clips are a practical accessory for medium hair. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist it slightly, and hold it with one hand. Open the claw clip and position it over the twisted hair, then release to secure your hair effortlessly in a chic updo.

    15. Waterfall Braid

    Waterfall Braid

    The waterfall braid begins like a regular braid, but as you weave, drop strands to create a cascading effect. It adds a delicate touch to your hair, showcasing a beautiful “waterfall” of woven sections. This style combines elegance with creativity, enhancing your medium hair’s allure.

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    16. Bun For Curly Hair

    Bun For Curly Hair

    Gather your curls into a high ponytail atop your head. Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with pins. The result is a playful and chic updo that showcases your curls while keeping them off your face in a stylish way. This hairstyle is a fantastic option during non-wash days.

    17. Chignon Bun

    Chignon Bun

    The low chignon is a chic hairstyle suitable for medium-length hair. It involves gathering the hair at the nape of the neck and twisting it into a neat knot or bun. This elegant look is achieved by securing the hair with pins and provides a sophisticated yet effortless appearance.

    18. Fishtail Braid

    Fishtail Braid

    Backcomb the crown slightly for lift. Divide the hair into two sections. Begin fishtail braiding, pulling sections from the outer edges and crossing them over to the opposite side. Loosen the braid for added volume and secure the end with a thin elastic.

    19. Spiral Curls

    Spiral Curls

    Spiral curls are achieved using a curling iron or wand. Wrap small sections of hair around the barrel, holding for a few seconds before releasing. This technique produces tight curls that add volume to your hair. Never rake your fingers through, this will create frizz.

    20. Dutch Braid Into A High Ponytail

    Dutch Braid Into A High Ponytail

    It involves weaving three sections of hair under one another, starting from the forehead hairline and gradually adding hair as you move. Once the braid the crown of your head, secure it with a hair tie. Gather all hair into a ponytail and tie it, creating an easy yet stylish look.

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    21. Low Pigtail Buns

    Low Pigtail Buns

    Start by parting it in the middle. Make two low ponytails on either side, twist and wrap them into buns, securing them with pins. Twist two strands of hair starting from the middle of forehead going toward each of the bun. Then wrap them around the buns and enjoy the playful look.

    22. Sleek And Straight Look

    Sleek And Straight Look

    Achieve this look by using a heat protectant and flat iron. Divide hair into sections and glide the iron from roots to ends for a smooth finish. Apply a light hair serum for shine and control. This classic style exudes sophistication and simplicity, enhancing your natural beauty.

    23. Ponytail For Curly Hair

    Ponytail For Curly Hair

    This hairdo gathers curls into a ponytail at a medium height. Allow some tendrils to frame your face. This style combines the elegance of a ponytail with the charm of curls, creating a playful and stylish look that’s suitable for various occasions. Pair this hair with chunky hoops.

    24. Curtain Bangs

    Curtain Bangs

    Curtain bangs are a versatile fringe style that frames your face with center-parted layers. They elegantly fall on either side of your face, resembling a parted curtain. They add a touch of vintage flair, enhancing your cheekbones and jawline and elevating your look.

    25. Minimalist Updo

    Minimalist Updo

    The ’90s minimalist updo is a stylish and uncomplicated hair trend. It involves gathering the hair into a clean bun or twist, typically situated centrally or low on the head. This straightforward yet elegant hairstyle has captured the essence minimalist fashion and beauty approach.

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    26. Smooth Waves

    Smooth Waves

    Apply a heat protectant and use a flat iron. Divide hair into sections and twist each section before running the iron over it. Release the twists for gentle waves. This versatile and elegant style offers a polished yet relaxed appearance suitable for various occasions.

    27. Textured Thin Hair

    Textured Thin Hair

    Add texture to fine medium hair by using dry shampoo or texturizing spray. Apply the product to your roots and lengths to create volume and grip. Use a curling wand or flat iron to create loose waves or curls. Gently tousle your hair to enhance the textured effect.

    28. Milkmaid Braids

    Milkmaid Braids

    Part your hair in the middle. Make two regular braids, starting behind each ear. Pull one braid over the crown and secure it with pins. Repeat on the other side, crossing over the first braid. This elegant updo offers a charming and romantic vibe, reflecting the early 20th century.

    29. Side Twists Paired With Messy Bun

    Side Twists Paired With Messy Bun

    Gather your hair into a loose bun at the nape of your neck. Before securing the bun, twist sections of hair on both sides of your head. This style merges the casual allure of a messy bun with the chic detail of side twists, achieving a playful yet elegant look.

    30. Vibrant Highlights

    Vibrant Highlights-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    This hairdo is all about adding bold, vibrant colors to selected sections. Choose shades that contrast with your natural hair color for a playful effect. These eye-catching highlights instantly inject personality and uniqueness into your style.

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    31. French Braids Into Bun

    French Braids Into Bun-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    Section your hair into five parts and braid each section. Gather the braids at the back and secure them in a bun or twist. This intricate style combines the elegance of French braids with an updo, perfect for medium-length hair. This hairdo can be worn on formal events.

    32. Mermaid Waves With Decorations

    Mermaid Waves With Decorations

    Curl sections of hair with a wand in alternating directions. Gently brush out curls for soft waves. Add hair accessories like decorative pins or pearls to the curls for a mermaid-inspired touch. This enchanting style combines texture and embellishments for a whimsical look.

    33. Simple Center Part

    Simple Center Part-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    For a relaxed center part on medium hair, start with damp hair. Apply a texturizing spray, then blow-dry with a round brush for gentle volume. Create a center part using a comb or your fingers. This easygoing style complements various looks, offering a natural and laid-back vibe.

    34. Relaxed High Bun With A Scrunchie

    Relaxed High Bun With A Scrunchie-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    It involves gathering your hair into a high ponytail and then twisting or wrapping it into a bun. Loosely secure it with pins or a scrunchie to maintain a relaxed feel. This carefree yet chic style is perfect for college, casual outings and girl’s night for a fun, effortless look.

    35. Loose Side Bun

    Loose Side Bun-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    Create a big side bun by gathering your hair to one side. Twist it into a loose bun and secure it with pins. Leave some strands loose for a relaxed look. This effortless and stylish hairstyle adds volume and charm, perfect for various occasions.

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    36. Accent Braid

    Accent Braid-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    For a side accent braid, start with a deep side part. Take a small section near the part and braid it neatly. As you braid, add hair from the front side only. Continue down the side of your head, secured with a hair tie. It adds a subtle, laid back and stylish detail to your look.

    37. Face-Framing Curls

    Face-Framing Curls-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    Face-framing curls are achieved by using a curling iron. Divide the hair into sections, wrap each section around the iron, and hold for a few seconds. This technique results in elegant and evenly distributed curls that frame your face and enhance your hair’s texture.

    38. Sleek Ponytail + Side Part

    Sleek Ponytail + Side Part

    Apply a styling gel or pomade to smooth your hair back. Secure it into a sleek ponytail at the desired height on your head. This minimalist and polished look for medium hair is ideal for both formal occasions and everyday elegance. Side part the front hair for extra glam.

    39. Upside Down French Braid Into A Bun

    Upside Down French Braid Into A Bun-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    Craft this hairstyle by flipping your head and starting the French braid at the nape of your neck toward the crown. Gather the rest of the hair at the crown and secure it in a neat bun. This style combines the sophistication of a bun with the uniqueness of an upside-down braid.

    40. Undone Braid

    Undone Braid-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    To create a lived-in braid, start by texturizing with dry shampoo. Make a loose, traditional three-strand braid, leaving some strands loose at the front. Pull and tug sections of the braid to achieve an undone, effortless look. This style exudes a carefree vibe while maintaining chicness.

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    41. Styling With French Hairpins

    Styling With French Hairpins

    This hairstyle employs twisting or braiding sections of hair and then securing them with French hairpins. These specialized pins are designed to be concealed, creating an elegant, tucked-in style. This technique keeps your hair neatly and beautifully arranged.

    42. Middle Part With Hair Clips

    Middle Part With Hair Clips

    The mid-clip hairstyle involves parting your hair down the middle and securing it on each side using stylish clips or barrettes. This look keeps your hair off your face while adding a touch of elegance. It’s a quick and fashionable way to manage your hair for casual or formal settings.

    43. Flipped Out Ends With Half Updo

    Flipped Out Ends With Half Updo

    Retro half up hairstyles are back in fashion. Get this look by curling hair ends for a flipped out look. Tease the crown for volume and gather the top half into a ponytail, secured with a band. This nostalgic style combines vintage charm with a modern twist for a chic result.

    44. Loose Waves With Side Part

    Loose Waves With Side Part

    It entails creating a deep side part and using a curling wand to produce gentle waves. Curl sections away from the face and tousle them for a relaxed look. The side part adds dimension, while the waves offer a chic, effortless appearance suitable for various occasions.

    45. Locks Into Ponytail

    Locks Into Ponytail-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    Ponytail locks involve gathering your hair into a ponytail while leaving a few face-framing locks free. This style combines the practicality of a ponytail with the softness of loose locks. It’s a balanced and charming option that offers a touch of casual sophistication to your appearance.

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    46. Updo With Accessories

    Updo With Accessories-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    It involves gathering your hair into a bun or twist. Add decorative elements like hairpins, clips, or combs to elevate the style. These accessories add charm to your updo, making it a sophisticated choice for formal events or even casual outings.

    47. Ponytail With A Bow

    Ponytail With A Bow

    A bow ponytail involves tying your hair into a ponytail, leaving a section free. Create a loop with the loose section to form one side of the bow, and then repeat on the other side. Secure with bobby pins, and you have a stylish bow-like ponytail. This hair is great for summer.

    48. Coils With Side Part

    Coils With Side Part-easy hairstyles for medium hair

    Part your hair to the side and create defined coils or twists. Using a curling or twisting technique, form coils that fall gracefully. This style offers a blend of structure and texture for medium hair, resulting in an eye-catching and versatile look suitable for various events.

    49. Sculpted Updo

    Sculpted Updo -easy hairstyles for medium hair

    This technique creates an intricate and structured hairstyle, often using twists, braids, or knots. These elements are carefully arranged and pinned to the head, resulting in an elegant look. This hairdo gives an illusion of thick hair. This style is suitable for special occasions.

    50. Fringe

    choppy fringe easy hairstyles for medium hair

    A choppy fringe gives you a youthful and soft appearance. Fringes frame the face and accentuate features. The good thing about this hairdo is that it never goes out of style. To elevate the look try adding a few feather layers to your hair along with fringe.


    In this extensive collection, we’ve explored a myriad of creative and easy hairstyles for medium hair. From the classic to the trendsetting, these styles offer a perfect blend of glamor and simplicity.

    Whether you’re headed to a formal event or a casual outing, these hairstyles provide endless inspiration for your versatile medium-length locks.

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