16 Elegant Low Budget DIY Backyard Wedding Decorations 2023

A wedding is one of the most important days for a person. Everyone wants this day to be unique and special. If you are one of these people and have a limited budget, we have a good option.

So for making your big day unique and special while remaining within your low budget, there is nothing better than having a low budget DIY backyard wedding.

When you have a backyard wedding, you have complete freedom to make the entire event unique and private. But a lot of people face the problem of finding options for low budget DIY backyard wedding decorations.

Your backyard wedding can be decorated in endless ways, from a formal look to a boho-chic tented look. If you are looking for some cheap outdoor wedding ideas on a budget then you are in the right place.

Here in this article, I have mentioned some low budget DIY backyard wedding decorations that can help you plan your backyard wedding.

1) Welcome Board:

Welcome Board

The welcome board is first and foremost part of decoration if you are planning a backyard wedding. The welcome board creates an impact on all of the guests entering the wedding ceremony.

So if the welcome board is enticing, this will definitely impact the entire decoration in a good manner. Try to give as much importance to the welcome board as you can.

I will recommend adding a beautiful and meaningful quotation to your welcome board alongside the bride and groom’s name. Also, it is quite trendy to add the date and day of the wedding ceremony.

If you like glamour, you can also add accessories to the welcome board. But if you like simplicity, you can just go for a simple wooden box, which is also quite elegant.

2) Picture Board:


Pictures are full of flashbacks and memories and a source of joy. It is amazing to have a picture board at your backyard wedding function. You can display memorable pictures of yourself and your spouse on a hard wooden board.

Try to arrange the photos in a manner to show a storyline. This includes your first meet up, romantic dinners or the proposal time.

Present these photos in a manner that everyone can easily see them. You can also use a color combination of the pictures and board that matches the theme of the whole decoration.

To make the picture board fancy, you can decorate it using different accessories like flowers, pins or ribbons.

3) String Lights:


It does not matter whether you are conducting an outdoor function or an indoor function, lighting is one of the most important things. Lighting is what makes the whole decoration come alive.

So choosing the best lighting option is the key when you are looking for low budget DIY backyard wedding decorations ideas. Going out of the budget is also unnecessary while choosing the best lighting options.

However, setting the scene and creating a mood is paramount to creating the best atmosphere. The advice for you is not to use more lights in the welcome area. Try to utilize more lights at the table and center areas and highlight the structural gloriousness.

4) Choose a Definite Color Theme:

Definite Color Theme

Having a definite color theme is one of the trendiest and most exciting things you can have in your DIY wedding decorations. The specific color theme makes the whole decoration look elegant yet stunning.

Normally, a color theme contains two colors. One color is light while the other is dark. But it totally depends upon your likening. Some people prefer bright, lively and colorful themes while others like subtle and light cultured themes.

It also depends upon the type of function you are having in your backyard. You can also match the theme color with the dress code of the bride and groom. Adding this element to your DIY wedding decoration is also very exciting.

5) Add Plants and Greenery to the Decor:

Greenery-to-the-Decor-low budget diy backyard wedding decorations

Adding greenery and plants to your DIY wedding decoration is one of the best and low cost wedding ideas. It almost costs nothing if you have a green backyard or garden. Greenery adds a soothing effect to your low budget DIY wedding decorations.

There are a lot of creative things that you can add to your wedding ideas. You can add colorful or theme color flowers in the setting of the decor.

The other thing that you can do is to hang the flower or plant pots at the entrance and central area of the backyard. Also, use small potted plants and flowers for the table decorations.

6) Hand Made Wedding Signs:


Hand made wedding signs are one of the most creative and cost-free cheap country wedding ideas. Adding handmade wedding signs will make your entire decoration look creative and attractive. To make these handmade wedding signs, you need some basic things like paint, number stickers, and cute letter. The following steps will help you understand

7) Place a Long Banquet Table:


We all know that backyard weddings are mostly about having a gathering of family and close friends. So for these kinds of functions, it is more suitable to have a long banquet table where all guests sit in a single place.

Several curved and small tables can be pushed together to create a long banquet table. A long banquet table is especially impactful if it is large enough to accommodate all of the guests together.

It also makes the reception welcoming and open for the guests. The celebration can be warm and cheery with all of the guests celebrating it together.

8) Try to Use Family-Styled Servings:

Family-Styled-Servings-low budget diy backyard wedding decorations

If you plan to have a long banquet table for lunch or dinner, where the guests sit all at once, consider family-style serving. Incorporate that heartwarming intimacy into your dinner service to create a memorable experience.

As a result, it will create an atmosphere of positivity and family-like warmth for the guests. The individualized plating somehow creates a wall of separation among the guests.

But in family-style serving, the guests pass the dishes to one another, and in this process, they interact, which obviously creates a family gossip environment.

9) Bride’s Mates Theme Dresses:

Bride-Mates-low budget diy backyard wedding decorations

The bride’s mates’ Dress code is also one of the parts of DIY backyard wedding decoration. Normally, the bride’s mate’s dresses are kept simple and elegant. The color of the bride’s mate’s dress should be such as it should complement the bride’s dress.

Dress your girls in playful and flirty dresses for a backyard wedding that will be ideal for twirling and dancing the night away. It is also a tradition for the bride’s mate to hold beautiful and fresh flowers in their hands as a sign of congratulations.

10) Display Baking Items on Food Tables:

Baking Items on Food Tables-low budget diy backyard wedding decorations

If you ask me, what is that one thing without which the backyard wedding decoration is incomplete; the answer would be baked food items. The presence of small cupcakes, round cookies and sweets on the food display table makes the DIY wedding decoration look amazing.

The presence of these small baking items not only pleases your guests’ taste buds but also adds a sweet smile to their faces. If you have a dessert bar, consider adding these decadent options for a well-rounded approach that will surely leave guests smiling.

11) Arrange a Refreshing Drinks Table:

Drink-Table-low budget diy backyard wedding decorations

Refreshing drinks are one of the most important parts of the backyard wedding if it is the summer season. You can arrange these refreshing drinks on a small table or a stylish cart to give a bit of vintage flair.

Make adorable iced tea or lemonade jars with charming mason jars for some Southern charm. A self-serve bar with glass dispensers of beverages and related accessories would be an excellent idea. This will ease down the guest to have the drinks from the drinks bar or drinks area.

12) Add a General Pathway or Ramp:


Creating a general pathway or ramp at your backyard wedding is very important. Pathways or ramps like this one are usually used to guide guests from the entrance to the main ceremony area.

There are many ways of creating this pathway for backyard weddings. You can use a wooden ramp for this, which is a low budget rustic wedding decor DIY idea. Also, you can place small lights or lamps to make a guiding pathway toward the ceremony area.

Try to add some handmade low budget sign boards for the guidance of the guest. These signboards contain the directions to point any way in the backyard wedding ceremony.

13) Add a BBQ Set-Up:


A backyard wedding is definitely incomplete without a BBQ set-up. You can set up outdoor grills for live BBQ.

Also, try to have a catering team or your favorite grill master for the grilling of BBQ. Live BBQ is always a great idea to serve your guest delicious and fresh food.

14) Arrange Live Music Set-Up:


The one thing that can put life in your backyard wedding set up is music. Live music in an outdoor setting can be just as dreamy as anything else.

It would be cool if you could hire a band for live music if your backyard wedding decoration budget allows you to do so. Otherwise, you can play the music on the sound station yourself.

Moreover, if any of your friends or family members knows how to play musical instruments, you can ask them to do it for you.

15) Make a Dancing Floor:


You can make your backyard wedding decoration even more amazing by adding a dancing floor. The dancing floor is where family and friends can perform their special performances for the couple.

The atmosphere would be even more charming if the couple themselves danced on that special evening.

16. Decorate Tree for Wedding

Decorate Tree for Wedding

How to Make Handmade Wedding Signs:

1. Paint the signs with the theme color you want on your letters say white

2. Place your saying on the wooden board, and then firmly press the stickers into the wood.

3. Then paint them overall.

4. Take the letters off to reveal the design.

Final Words:

Backyard weddings are always exciting and enticing. By putting your creative ideas into the whole setup, you can make it even more charming. The ideas mentioned above will surely help you arrange a low budget DIY backyard wedding decorations.

Try to add some of these ideas to your backyard wedding decoration in order to make your special day ideal and innovative.

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