40 Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles to Give Yourself a Style Shake-Up

Pop Smoke braids have been trending for a couple of months, especially following the death of the late rapper, Pop Smoke, after whom these stylish braids are named.

Simply defined, these hairstyles feature a middle parting with four feed-in cornrows or scalp braids on each side. The Pop Smoke braids are genderless and can be worn by both men and women. They can be tried with all hair types and textures and are ideal to protect the hair with style.

Pop Smoke braids are extremely versatile and can be amped up further with colorful extensions, patterned designs, beads, and hair cuffs. Get ready for some inspiration.

Why Pop Smoke Braids?

Pop Smoke braids are easy to achieve and protect the hair from external damage. There are many ways to rock these braids while keeping the tresses hydrated and healthy, which is probably why these hairstyles have become so popular.

40 Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles to Give Yourself a Style Shake-Up
Source: Freepik.com

How to Get Perfect Pop Smoke Braids? (Tips and Tricks)

The following tips will help you achieve the most flawless Pop Smoke braids;

· The hair should be freshly washed, cleaned, and dried to start with.

· Sectioning is the key to achieving the perfect Pop Smoke hairstyle. Use a tail comb to partition your strands.

· Apply hair spray to keep the style in place while controlling the baby hairs. Use a toothbrush to settle down the edges.

How long do these Braids Last?

Pop Smoke braids when done right and looked after regularly last between 6 to 8 weeks. You can make them last even longer by using a satin scarf while sleeping and refreshing them using hair mousse.

How to Sleep with Pop Smoke Braids?

Pop Smoke braids, just like any protective hairstyle, require suitable care while sleeping. In the case of long plaits, wrap them around into a bun and cover the head with a bonnet or silk scarf to control hair frizz.

How to Wash these Braids?

Be extra cautious when washing your braids or otherwise you’ll develop frizzy portions that cannot be repaired. Wash the scalp only when necessary and consider dry shampoo even before that. When using regular shampoo, remember to finish off with leave-in conditions for a hydrated and shiny look.

How Much do Pop Smoke Braids Cost?

Pop Smoke braids cost anywhere between $100 to 250 depending on your area and hairstylist.

Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyle Ideas

1. Feed-In Pop Smoke Braids

Feed-In Pop Smoke Braids-Pop Smoke braids
Source: CoilsandGlory.com

The feed-in technique refers to incorporating synthetic extensions seamlessly along the length to make your Pop Smoke braids look natural rather than bulky. The plaits will start thin and continue to get thicker towards the ends.

2. Bulky Cornrows

Bulky Cornrows-Pop Smoke braids
Source: blackbeautybombshells.com

Those who want their braids to get noticed from a distance can use extensions. But instead of incorporating them step by step, as mentioned above, mix the synthetic strands with your natural ones near the roots to achieve thick bulky knits.

3. Braids with Beads

Braids with Beads-Pop Smoke braids
Source: frohub.com

Achieve classic Pop Smoke braids by carving out a middle part and sectioning the hair into four rectangular portions on each side. Braid the strands and add as many colorful beads on the ends as you want.

4. Highlighted Front

Highlighted Front-Pop Smoke braids
Source: lovehairstyles.com

Get hold of blonde extensions to highlight your braids without using chemical dyes. Opt for all-over highlights or intertwine the golden strands at the front only to frame the face like literal money pieces.

5. Zigzag Partings

Zigzag Partings-Pop Smoke braids
Source: hairstylecamp.com

Personalize your hairdo by asking the hairstylist to carve out zigzag partings instead of the usual straight ones. You can go for a straight middle part with zigzag sections too. Braid the hair as normal and done.

6. Funky Ombre Braids

Funky Ombre Braids-Pop Smoke braids
Source: essence.com

Ombre hairstyles never get out of style and this applies to these funky two-toned Pop Smoke braids too. Choose your favorite nuance when getting extensions and add them midway to the ends for a pop of color on the head.

7. Short Cornrows

Short Cornrows-Pop Smoke braids
Source: stayglam.com

Pop Smoke braids work with super short hair too. Your hairstylist will need to apply more effort in plaiting the strands but the results will surely pay off. You can always use extensions to make those knits look thicker/longer.

8. Intricate Patterns

Intricate Patterns-Pop Smoke braids
Source: styleseat.com

Though classic Pop Smoke braids feature straight partings, you can add a fun touch to them by experimenting with asymmetrical partings and various intricate designs like cute hearts above the ears on the sides.

9. Side Parted Scalp Braids

Side Parted Scalp Braids-Pop Smoke braids
Source: lovehairstyles.com

Middle parts do not suit every person and if that’s the case with you try a side part without second thoughts. You can opt for a straight side part or a diagonal one for a groovy appeal.

10. Extra Long Plaits

Extra Long Plaits-Pop Smoke braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Long tresses are the dream of every woman. Achieve a long mane that looks all-natural by incorporating matching extensions going as long as you want. Keep in mind the weight of these synthetic strands to avoid damaging your roots.

11. Pop Smoke Braids for Children

Pop Smoke Braids for Children-Pop Smoke braids
Source: allthingsmarie.com

Turn your little one into a fashionista with cute Pop Smoke braids. This style is ideal for kids as it can last for a few weeks without much care. Add multi-colored plastic beads at the ends and voila!

12. Hair rings and Metal Cuffs

Hair rings and Metal Cuffs-Pop Smoke braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Here’s a more mature take on embellished Pop Smoke braids. Although plastic beads work wonders for children, shiny hair rings and metal cuffs look perfect on older girls. Add as many as you want along the length.

13. Classic Medium-Length Hairstyle

Classic Medium-Length Hairstyle-Pop Smoke braids
Source: hadviser.com

There is no need to use extensions if you have shoulder-length tresses as this is the ideal length to sport Pop Smoke braids. Focus your attention on sectioning the hair. Braiding and settling the edges are important too.

14. Tribal Look

Tribal Look-Pop Smoke braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Add a tribal touch to your otherwise modern Pop Smoke braids by opting for a straight thin braid in the center instead of a usual middle parting. Attach a hair ring at the front to dangle on the forehead and you’ll love it.

15. Perfectly Swooped Edges

Perfectly Swooped Edges-Pop Smoke braids
Source: glamour.com

There is no use in getting Pop Smoke cornrows if you don’t pay attention to your edges and baby hairs. Control the frizz by applying styling mousse and using a toothbrush to swoop down the edges into tiny waves.

16. Braids and Curls

Braids and Curls-Pop Smoke braids
Source: hadviser.com

Turn your mane into a hot mess using a simple trick. When plaiting the strands, pull out chunks and leave them free to dangle. Curl them tightly to achieve a bouncy mix of curls and braids.

17. Colored Pop Smoke Braids

Colored Pop Smoke Braids-Pop Smoke braids
Source: hairstylesfeed.com

Black Pop Smoke braids don’t look surprising anymore but surely will if you add some color to them. Use temporary or permanent hair dyes to turn your hair blonde, red, purple, or any other shade of your liking.

18. Half-Up Hairstyle

Half-Up Hairstyle-Pop Smoke braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Recreate this look to make your Pop Smoke scalp braids appear more stylish and feminine. Get a side parting and pull away the front chunks to be pinned at the back. You can also try a ponytail or bun.

19. Heart-Shaped Braids

Heart-Shaped Braids-Pop Smoke braids
Source: Reddit.com

Celebrate the love around you by sectioning and braiding the hair in a way to look like half hearts on top of the head. Carve out C-shaped curvy sections along the middle parting and that’s it.

20. Freestyle Braids

Freestyle Braids-Pop Smoke braids
Source: blackbeautybombshells.com

You don’t need to follow strict rules when getting Pop Smoke braids. Spice them up by alternating the middle parts with the side parts when braiding each section of the head just like the freestyle look depicted here.

21. Pop Smoke Braids with Undercut

Pop Smoke Braids with Undercut
Source: Pinterest.com

Express your bold side by buzzing or shaving your sides leaving the top long enough to be braided later on. The plaits falling over the undercut will look super stylish without a doubt.

22. Layered Braids

Layered Braids
Source: hadviser.com

Pop Smoke hairstyles usually feature braids that fall at exactly the same length. Try multi-length knits for a change with longer chunks at the front getting shorter step-wise towards the back. The shaved side design is a must-try too.

23. Eight Jumbo Knits

Eight Jumbo Knits
Source: belletag.com

Rock the original form of Pop Smoke braids by sectioning your mane into four equal parts on both sides of the center or side parting. Use extensions to get jumbo braids and there you go!

24. Micro and Macro Braids

Micro and Macro Braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Jumbo knits look chic without a doubt but a mix of micro and macro braids will look even better. Alternate your usual cornrows with thin delicate knits in between for a detailed hairdo that won’t be ignored.

25. Color Blocking

Color Blocking
Source: youtube.com

Make eyes pop all around you by choosing a random section on the head. Separate it out and color the strands or cover the braids with the brightest extensions for a blast of color on the head.

26. Stylish Snake Braids

Stylish Snake Braids
Source: k4fashion.com

These cornrows look like literal snakes slithering on the head. The trick lies in creating the scalp braids in a zigzag pattern all around the head with or without similar-patterned partings.

27. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns
Source: Pinterest.com

Talking about patterns, if you love geometric designs then here’s a hairstyle for you. Carve out triangular-shaped sections rather than the normal square ones with a huge zigzag middle part. You’ll love your look!

28. Pop of Color

Pop of Color
Source: Pinterest.com

Braids, in whatever form, give you the benefit of sporting the brightest hair colors without actually dying your locks. Paint each section differently using hair chalk or yarn or try a half-and-half look instead.

29. Dreaded Pop Smoke Braids

Dreaded Pop Smoke Braids
Source: blackbeautybombshells.com

You don’t need to unravel your dreads if you want to get Pop Smoke Braids as they can still be achieved. Section your dreadlocks as you would with normal hair and entwine them around one another. Bold!

30. Varied Lengths

Varied Lengths
Source: glamour.com

Those who love symmetry should keep their braids at uniform length but what about all the hipsters out there? Get noticed from a distance by snipping your Pop Smoke braids at varying lengths in whatever way you like.

31. Straight-Back Style

Straight-Back Style
Source: coilsandglory.com

Pop Smoke braids are simple cornrows that lie perpendicular to a straight middle part. Alter their directions for a change and plait the hair straight back parallel to the center parting to keep the hair away from the face.

32. Braided Bob

Braided Bob
Source: claraitosblog.com

Black ladies who love bob haircuts can rock one using cornrows to protect their natural tresses. Section the hair into multiple portions rather than just four and cut the braids at equal lengths to achieve a bob-like hairstyle.

33. Baby Braids

Baby Braids
Source: Pinterest.com

These baby braids are a lifesaver for those with thin hair. Though very fine, the braids will still protect your sensitive mane with style. Let the ends bend around the face to look like spider legs.

34. Interwoven Design

Interwoven Design
Source: Pinterest.com

Create an interwoven mesh on your head by twisting the sections around one another before braiding them. You can also overlap the strands while braiding to create distinct X-shaped patterns all over the scalp.

35. Twist Braids

Twist Braids
Source: hairstylecamp.com

Talking about braids for such a long time, who said twists are not allowed when getting a Pop Smoke hairstyle? Follow the same procedure but instead of taking three chunks, take two and twist them around one another. Done!

36. Highlighted Tips

Highlighted Tips
Source: Pinterest.com

Make sure your Pop Smoke braids are unique by taking some bleach to lighten the tips only. Retain a golden blonde tinge or color your ends in whatever shade you like for a highlighted appeal.

37. Pop Smoke Braids in Ponytail

Pop Smoke Braids in Ponytail
Source: socialbeautyclub.com

Your Pop Smoke cornrows can be styled further in so many ways. Take this look as an example where all the plaits are gathered in a low chic ponytail. You can also try a single jumbo side braid.

38. Braids with Bun

Braids with Bun
Source: allure.com

Get an undercut along the sides and gather all the braids in a high bun at the back. Spare one or two braids on each side to frame the face and adorn them with shiny hair cuffs.

39. Wavy Octopus Braids

Wavy Octopus Braids
Source: pinterest.com

Let your Pop Smoke braids look like the tentacles of an octopus by carving out eight triangular sections originating from the same central point as shown here. Tight braiding is the key to achieving a flawless finish.

40. Disconnected Fade

Disconnected Fade-Pop Smoke Braids
Source: Pinterest.com

A neat fade looks even better than a simple undercut. Go as high as you want leaving just enough length on the top for the strands to be knitted into horizontal Pop Smoke braids.

To sum up, Pop Smoke braids can be worn many different ways. They are fun to look at and protect your natural hair from external damage and heat styling.

Though Pop Smoke braids are easy to maintain, they still require suitable care to last longer. Nonetheless, what hairstyle are you going to try?

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