30 Striking Short Haircuts for Women Over 60

Getting on in years does not mean a woman should appear bored and dreary. In fact, when turning 60 or above, you need to change your look to appear lively and youthful more than ever before.A good hairstyle plays an important role in this regard. And while you can rock any hairdo whether long or short, the latter ones are preferred as they are easy to maintain and style and can make your thinning mane appear voluminous and healthy. Without further ado, have a look at the following stylish short haircuts for women over 60 to get some inspiration.

1- Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie
Source: therighthairstyles.com

When considering short haircuts for women over 60, pixies stand on top of the list without a doubt. Opt for a textured top with neatly buzzed sides. Short baby bangs would be a good choice too. Just finger-comb your strands and call it a day. Simple, easy, and stylish!

2- Classy Bob

Classy Bob
Source: glaminati.com

Pixies lie on the more chic and sassy side of hairstyles, but ladies who want to keep it a little classy and elegant can consider getting a bob cut that never goes out of style. Add layers to enhance the volume of your tresses or cut them perfectly straight in case of thick hair.

3- Bangs

Source: hairdohairstyle.com

Bangs can be made a part of almost every short haircuts for women over 60 without worry. They are ideal to frame the face while hiding those forehead wrinkles. Opt for wispy bangs, straight fringes, curtain bangs, or side-swept ones. So many options to choose from!

4- Mushroom Cut

Mushroom Cut
Source: itsrosy.com

Stand out from the crowd with a funky mushroom/bowl haircut. Opt for blunt bangs that extend straight across the sides with an undercut at the back. Set it on fire with vibrant colors and some bouncy curls for a carefree appeal.

5-Asymmetrical Hairdo

Asymmetrical Hairdo
Source: lovehairstyles.com

Play around with the symmetry of your tresses to make a statement. You can opt for uneven bangs with a straight bob with one side longer than the other. Slanting bangs coupled with a messy pixie won’t look bad too. The objective is just to add a little imbalance around the face.

6- Chic Lob

Chic Lob
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

Lobs, also called long bobs, have been trending for a while and make a super stylish short haircut for women over 60. Ask for a uniform chop at shoulder level with curtain bangs to keep attention away from your sagging skin and face wrinkles.  

7- Feathering

Source: curriculumnacional.cl

Elderly ladies have surely rocked feathered layers in their youth and there’s no harm in sporting them again. Feathering features layers with thick roots and thin wispy tips for a light airy appeal. A good blowout is a must to bring out the true beauty of your new haircut.

8- Layers

Source: ipsy.com

Those who find it difficult to style and maintain feathered layers can go with simple layers instead. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, cutting the strands at varying lengths can add much-needed volume and body to the mane.

9- Inverted Bob

Inverted Bob
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

Level up your classical bob to a more modern version. An inverted bob is defined by a short back that elongates toward the front with the longest chunks framing the face. Stacked layers at the back add some roundedness to the look with an enhanced volume of course.

10- Undercut

Source: therighthairstyles.com

A simple undercut is perfect to transform your look when getting old. Try getting one along the sides, the back, or both with a stylish shaved pattern. Couple it with a short bob or cropped pixie cut and you will surely end up loving it.

11- Straight Cut

 Straight Cut
Source: therighthairstyles.com

Keep it simple and straightforward with this blunt short haircut for women over 60. The hair is cut uniformly for the strands to fall anywhere between the ears and neck. This look is suitable for ladies with thick tresses. Amp it up further with a refreshing hair color and done.

12- Gray Tresses

Gray Tresses
Source: therighthairstyles.com

Don’t be shy of your gray hairs as they are an essential part of aging. Instead, make them a component of your short haircut for women over 60 and see jaws drop around you. Experiment with silver highlights or black lowlights with any hairdo you go for.

13- Carefree Curls

Carefree Curls
Source: pinterest.es

When entering your golden years, regular heat styling might not remain very feasible making it the perfect time for curly beauties to embrace their natural hair texture. Opt for a short rounded haircut with soft face-framing layers. Curly bangs look cute too!

14- Natural Crop

Natural Crop
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

Here is a short haircut for black ladies over 60 with kinky afro hair. Clip the sides or shave them for a more eye-catching look keeping the top just a bit longer. You don’t even need to brush your hair in the morning. Just set those curls with your hands and that’s it.

15- Tousled Waves

Tousled Waves-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

Opt for a messy appeal by chopping your wavy locks to fall anywhere near the ears with ruffled layers along the length resembling a curtain cut. Use an ample amount of styling product to tease and tousle the strands for a wind-swept look. Easy!

16- Funky Spikes

Funky Spikes-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

Look younger than before by chopping off all of your hair into a slightly longer top with neatly clipped sides. Achieve sharp spikes by applying gel on the fingers and pinching the tips of your strands making them stand upright for the entire day. Using a little hair chalk won’t hurt too!

17- Feminine Pompadour

Feminine Pompadour-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: Flovehairstyles.com

A classy pompadour can make an ideal short haircut for office-going women over 60. All you need is to ask for a long top with short sides and brush back the strands, either straight back or slightly to one side, to achieve a pouf at the front. Highlight one or more chunks and voila!  

18- Short Shag

Short Shag-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: duckduckgo.com

Shaggy haircuts are the go-to haircut for rock’n’roll ladies out there. Ask for choppy layers, heavy texture, and wispy ends. The result is a voluminous top with thinning layers around the neck. Add some blonde highlights or try a balayage and that’s it.

19- Front Graduation

Front Graduation-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

Create movement around the face with front layers and some curtain bangs. Leave the remaining hair at a uniform level while snipping the front strands at an angle ending near the shoulders. Flip out the tips when blow-drying the tresses for a rejuvenated look.

20- Color Pop

Color Pop-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
source: hairromance.com

Set any short haircut for women over 60 on fire with vibrant hair colors. Add streaks of blue, pink, purple, or any other shades of your choice, or try color-blocking, seamless ombres, and dip-dyed tips to turn around heads wherever you go. A rainbow-colored bob is worth a shot, isn’t it?   

21- Razor Cut

Razor Cut-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

Go with a razor cut instead of a usual scissor cut for a change. This freestyle cutting technique will result in a lot more movement on the head with choppy layers and fine tips. A razor cut, when done right, is suitable to take away excess bulk from both straight and curly hair.

22- Dramatic Faux Hawk

Dramatic Faux Hawk-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: easybeautyideas.com

Bring out your inner rock star even in your old age with a super funky faux hawk. Pin back the side of your bob and curl the strands gathered in the middle for a temporary look or opt for shaved sides with a long strip of hair in the center. Throw in some bold colors and done.

23- Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

A wolf cut is the modern and softer version of a retro mullet haircut. Rock this groovy short haircut for women over 60 to show off your gray tresses and you won’t regret it. It is defined by choppy layers with a short top and long sides while the back is the longest of all.

24- Short Haircut with Highlights

Short Haircut with Highlights-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: flickr.com

Highlights never disappoint no matter what. Refresh your look with a simple bob or sassy pixie and add highlights all over the head. Choose the tone of blonde that goes well with your base shade. You can also try a balayage that is in full swing these days.

25- Slicked-Back

Slicked-Back-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: lovehairstyles.com

Women over 60 who want to maintain a professional look can consider getting this simple yet stylish short haircut. The trick lies in applying a hefty amount of pomade and slicking back all the hair without a parting for a wet look. No need to worry about your hair for the entire day!

26- French Bob

French Bob-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: pinterest.com

French bobs never get old and work with all hair textures. They are a cropped version of classical bobs with the hair falling at jaw length. Opt for short bangs to accent the face and subtle layers to avoid a boring blunt look.  

27- Afro Fluff

Afro Fluff-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: hairstylecamp.com

Senior black ladies can show off their kinky curls with utmost pride by layering their fluff into a rounded shape around the face. Go with a side or center parting and dye the tips ash blonde for a frosted appeal or keep hold of your natural hair shade. A deva cut will be your best choice.

28- Side-Swept

Side-Swept-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: hadviser.com

Side-swept short haircuts prove to be ideal for all women over 60. If the strands are swept away they add height on top and when allowed to dangle on the forehead they add a youthful touch to the face by covering those wrinkles. The resulting asymmetry looks stylish too.

29- Wedge Haircut

Wedge Haircut-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: @maxhairstudio_ on Instagram

A wedge cut is much like a bob cut with very short strands at the back near the neck and much longer layers at the front. The result is a voluminous top with slim sides that frame the face. Couple it with an angular haircut and see eyes pop.

30- Bixie

Bixie-Short Haircuts for Women Over 60
Source: pinterest.com

This short haircut is a lifesaver for all women over 60 who can’t decide between a pixie and bob hairstyle. It has the shortness of a pixie coupled with the roundness of a traditional bob with the hair falling around the ears. Don’t forget the layers!

We hope these short haircuts for women over 60 will help you to shed off a few years while looking young again. Don’t pay attention to what others say, just choose a look that suits your face and routine to appear like the sexy grandma everyone wishes for!

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