Essential Tips for a Flawless Professional Spray Tan

Achieving a flawless, beautiful bronze goddess glow from professional spray tanning requires some strategy and preparation. Unlike messy and unpredictable self-tanning lotions, custom spray tanning performed by a skilled technician can produce stunningly even, natural-looking color and glow when done correctly.

Follow these essential tips for maximizing your spray tanning results, avoiding common mistakes, and making the color last.

Exfoliate Skin Thoroughly the Day Before Your Appointment

Exfoliate Skin Thoroughly the Day Before Your Appointment

Thoroughly exfoliating your entire body, the day before your scheduled spray tan appointment using a gritty body scrub or loofah is key for removing any flaky or peeling dead skin. This ensures the DHA bronzer solution is able to absorb evenly into smooth skin and develop consistently without patchiness.

Pay close attention to frequently dry areas prone to tenacious dead skin buildup like elbows, knees, heels, and hands. Addressing those rough spots ahead results in flawless color.

Shave and Wax At Least 24 Hours Pre-Tan

Shave and Wax At Least 24 Hours Pre-Tan
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Any hair removal via shaving, waxing, or sugaring should be completed at least a full day before your spray tan appointment to ensure the skin is no longer freshly irritated. This prevents potential stinging when the spray solution is applied.

If your skin is highly sensitive, avoid waxing for at least five days pre-tan to be safe. Also, skip deodorant post-shaving, as certain chemicals can react with the bronzer. And be sure to thoroughly exfoliate following any hair removal to avoid lifting dark spots. Use a silky body lotion to hydrate.

Arrive at Your Appointment with Clean, Product-Free Skin

Be sure to show up to your spray tan appointment with skin that is completely free of any lotions, deodorant, perfumes, or makeup residue. Cleanse your body thoroughly, exfoliate gently as needed, then rinse just before your treatment.

Arriving with bare, damp skin allows the DHA bronzer solution to be applied and absorbed in a smooth, even layer without obstruction from products.

Wear Loose Dark Cotton Clothing and Sandals

To avoid staining lighter fabrics from transfer of the bronzer solution while it develops, wear loose, dark cotton clothing like black yoga pants and a dark top along with rubber sandals or flip flops to your tanning appointment.

Tight snug fabrics that rub against still-damp skin can also create unfortunate unevenness in your finished color results. Be sure to change into clean, dark loose clothing immediately after your session concludes.

Have the Technician Applying Solution to Hands and Feet First

Have the Technician Applying Solution to Hands and Feet First-Tips for a Flawless Professional Spray Tan
Source: Gemma Etc.

While still standing upright, request the technician spray your hands and feet first to cover those areas thoroughly before asking you to lie down on the tanning bed.

Palms and soles absorb much more bronzer solution and will become noticeably darker if not done at the start. This prevents your extremities from appearing over-tanned compared to the rest of your body later.

Instruct Technician to Use Light Layers and Allow Drying

To achieve ideal color depth without oversaturation, instruct your spray tanning technician to apply the DHA bronzer solution in light, fine mist layers while gradually covering all body parts methodically.

They should wait for each superfine layer to completely dry before applying another coat on top – approximately three total lightweight coats typically create perfect color depth. Stay as still as possible during spraying to prevent unevenness from the solution pooling.

Gently Hydrate Skin Post-Rinse Instead of Scrubbing

Gently Hydrate Skin Post-Rinse Instead of Scrubbing-Tips for a Flawless Professional Spray Tan
Source: SkinKraft

When showering for the first time after your spray tan has developed, use a gentle cleanser, and avoid scrubbing with exfoliants. Exfoliating immediately after spray tanning can severely diminish and fade the bronzer color.

Instead apply a rich, nourishing body lotion daily post-rinse to hydrate skin and help extend your glow’s longevity. Also avoid long hot baths that can strip the tan.

With the right skin prep, carefully following instructions during your session, and proper aftercare, spray tanning by a trained technician allows you to achieve bronzed, flawless color depth without sun damage or tanning bed risks. Use these pro tips to enjoy looking like you just returned from an exotic beach vacation!

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