88 Easy & Hottest College Halloween Costumes for Girls 2023

We all know Halloween is among the biggest events for all, including students. With these College Halloween Costumes, you’re ready for this year’s Halloween.

But the challenging thing is you’re still struggling to figure out the best and cute college Halloween costumes.
If you plan to attend a Halloween party or want to stay at home and enjoy yourself with some friends, you need the perfect outfit. However, finding non-cliche costume ideas is a hassle. So, in this article, we have compiled a list of fun and classic Halloween costumes for college students. Pick easy Halloween costumes for college students that suit your needs.

Cool College Halloween Costumes

Let’s get started:

1. Disco Ball

Disco Ball - college halloween Costumes

You can have an amazing night during the Halloween season with a disco ball outfit. This is one of the best college Halloween costumes. Surprisingly, it is easy to make. Pair it with silver pumps and a silver shirt to have a complete look.

2. Hot Bratz Dolls

Hot Bratz Dolls - college halloween Costumes

The other great Halloween costume option is these hot Bratz dolls. When growing, you likely played with Bratz dolls. So, why not make it an option for this Halloween?

3. Barbie

Barbie - college halloween Costumes

Hot Bratz Dolls may not be the only costume you can choose for Halloween. It is also likely you will love Barbie. This could be an excellent option for college girls who want to look unique for Halloween night.

4. Mermaids

Mermaids - college halloween Costumes

Sometimes, you don’t need to have a long tail to become a mermaid. It is Halloween, and you can have a simple costume. Think of this DIY mermaid costume idea, and it will be perfect to wear with friends.

5. Cupid

Cupid - college halloween Costumes

Halloween means celebration. You can spread a little love in this spooky season with a Cupid costume.

6. DIY Sun & Moon

DIY Sun & Moon - college halloween Costumes

You can choose lots of variations from DIY Halloween costumes college

The good thing is, it allows you to select whether to dress it up or even down.

7. Starbucks

Starbucks - college halloween CostumesThis college Halloween outfit is for all. Everyone is obsessed with Starbucks. And if so, why not try your favorite cup of coffee?

8. DIY Shark Attack

DIY Shark Attack - college halloween Costumes

DIY Shark Attack can be an amazing college Halloween costume to use on Halloween. It fits best during Halloween’s spooky season. So, if you love jaws while growing, this costume is for you.

9. Boxer

Boxer - college halloween Costumes

If you and your friend plan to enjoy Halloween distinctively, this costume idea is perfect. You can also do it alone.

10. DIY Clown

DIY Clown - college halloween Costumes

During Halloween night, expect to find many scary and intimidating clowns. That makes the college Halloween parties more terrifying. You can choose to have fun with your DIY Clown costume.

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11. Surface

Couples who would like to spend time during a Halloween party can choose this costume. If you’re a couple, these classic college party Halloween costumes are perfect.

12. Captain and Mermaid

Captain and Mermaid - college halloween Costumes

If you have not chosen your college Halloween costume, this is a perfect option. It is a good costume for the last minute. You can dress as you wish – up or down.

13. Alien and Astronaut

Alien and Astronaut - college halloween Costumes

Alien and Astronaut college Halloween costumes are for the corny and cute couple. If you are in this world, this will be a perfect Halloween costume.

14. Victoria Secret Angel

Victoria Secret Angel - college halloween Costumes

Girls love great things. And in this case, a unique outfit. This college Halloween girls costume idea is perfect. You can make your night outstanding with this Victoria’s Secret Angel costume.

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15. Kiss

Kiss - college halloween Costumes

Do you love someone? Want to express that love of rock during Halloween? Nothing can stop you and your friends from doing that with this costume. It could be a great option you need.

16. Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers

By far, this could be the most creative option you will get. Make the year outstanding with Toy Soldiers Halloween costumes. Dress it up or down, as long as you remain all green.

17. Mean Girls

Mean Girls

You can choose to dress like Mean Girls this season. This is a costume for college girls. When you choose it, go around quoting some of your favourite quotes you find from the movie.

18. Sexy Maid Costume

Sexy Maid Costume

The Sexy Maid Costume is one of the best college Halloween costumes. Most people also love it. You can DIY the whole costume set.

19. Sexy Skeleton Costume

Sexy Skeleton Costume

Halloween is known for skeleton costumes. These have become popular over time, and you can do them this year. Add a hot twist and make yourself the best Halloween costume for the night.

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20. Space Cowgirl Costume

Space Cowgirl Costume

It’s a cowgirl – but ensure this college Halloween costume is a space Cowgirl! You have to jazz up the traditional cowgirl costume with your glam aesthetic to make it a perfect option.

21. Kill Bill Costume

Kill Bill Costume

Add humor in a Halloween costume by putting an iconic server from Patrick. This is from the famous SpongeBob episode to have a Kill Bill Halloween costume.

22. Sexy Nuns

Remember, on Halloween; there is nothing holy. So, why should you be? Sexy Nuns are among the perfect college girl Halloween costumes to have with your friends. You can also do it alone.

23. DIY White Claw Costume

DIY White Claw Costume

When you want to have the perfect Halloween costume this year, think of a DIY White Claw Costume. It is a great option for college girls who want to express their White Claws love. It fits best when you wear it as a group.

24. Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Do you know the famous movie, Tomb Raider? You can make this costume a great option for Halloween. And the best thing, you can easily DIY.

25. Velma and Daphne

Velma and Daphne

Together with your best college friend, this is a great option. Daphne and Velma are a perfect duo, and that can help you replicate with your best friend.

26. Clovers Cheerleader

Clovers Cheerleader

You would like to be part of the cheerleader team. It is an opportunity to get noticed in college. That’s the same thing you can do during this year’s Halloween. Get yourself a Clovers Cheerleader Halloween costume.

27. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe’s college Halloween costume will make you feel more glammed during Halloween. You can’t go wrong when you choose to be Marilyn Monroe!

28. Sexy Maids

Make things outstanding during this spooky season. Pick the best college Halloween costume for yourself. And in that line, Sexy Maids could be your best costume for the night.

29. Risky Business

Risky Business

Biologically, you may not have a twin. But if you don’t mind, you can have many twins this Halloween with a Risky Business costume. Be sure that you’re not alone. You will come across many girls wearing the same.

30. Tourist


Tourist is a popular and good college Halloween costume idea. As a tourist, the great thing about you is that you don’t have to wear a costume. In other words, throw some khakis, a Hawaiian shirt, and open-toe sandals.

31. Mummy


A great costume that fits the Halloween aesthetic is Mummy. In this option, use gauze bandage rolls and DIY. If not, buy online.

32. Stick Figure

Stick Figure

This is a simple Halloween costume idea. Throw some white clothes and then paint a stickman or use a black take. Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is a common costume. Don’t expect that one Halloween will end without seeing it. It requires you to have a denim shirt and red bandana.

33. Ninja


Sometimes it is a hassle to find the perfect Halloween costume. You can DIY by wearing black clothing. Pair it with some green, blue or red cloth.

34. 80’s Fitness

80's Fitness

The old design may work best with this spooky season. Mix and match the neon colors and leggings to have a perfect Halloween costume.

35. Cat


Literally, you can be a cat every year. It will be an easier thing for you to do at the last minute. The costume requires you to have sexy black clothes, whiskers, heels, and cat ears.

36. Lion


During Halloween, you may be feeling a little friskier. Then, the great idea is to be a lion.
Where’s Waldo

This is a great costume idea. You will see most people wear costumes this Halloween.

37. Santa Little Helpers

Santa Little Helpers

A great way to feel the Christmas spirit is to wear the Santa Little Helpers costume.

38. Devil


You don’t have good news this Halloween? Then a devil costume will be a perfect option. Wear the costume however you want but have staple pieces – such as devil ears.

39. Angel


Why should you not represent an angel during this Halloween? If you have it in mind, choose this great costume.

40. Pixelated

Pixelated is a famous college Halloween costume idea. For a big sims enthusiast, it is a perfect option.

41. Sexy Sailor

Sexy Sailor

If you find it hard being censored, this costume is for you. Have some humor this year’s Halloween with Sexy Sailor costume. You need some shorts, a striped cropped top and a sailor hat.

42. Night Nurse

Night Nurse

Night Nurse is a fun and super popular costume. It is a great idea to wear it during Halloween.

43. Playboy Bunny

Playboy Bunny

You should not mind when you become cliche this Halloween. What’s important is you are cute. Become a bunny with this college girl Halloween costume.

44. Police Officer

Police Officer

Sexy police is a great theme for Halloween. Be corny and arrest lawbreakers for looking too good.

45. Army Girl

Army Girl

Army Girl is a great costume idea for Halloween. You can be sexy without being a police officer. That means you need to get an Army Girl costume.

46. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Why not copy this Halloween look with a Harry Potter costume?

47. Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

If you are a couple, this is an excellent college student Halloween costume idea.

48. Hugh Hefner & Playboy Bunner

Hugh Hefner & Playboy Bunner

This costume is a great idea for you and your love. It will help spice things up during this Spooky season.

49. Harley Quinn & Joker

Harley Quinn & Joker

Perhaps it’s time you go crazy without your boo. You make your Halloween amazing with this costume. Harley Quinn & Joker can be a perfect fit.

50. Ariana Grande & Mac Miller

Ariana Grande & Mac Miller

Do you want to feel like a celebrity? Choose to be a celebrity couple such as Ariana and Mac Miller.

51. Officer & Escaped Prisoner

Officer & Escaped Prisoner

When your boyfriend requires taming, choose this costume. Add a chain around the neck to make the costume complete.

52. Bella & Edward

Bella & Edward

Do you love Twilight fanatics? Then you must know Bella and Edward. If you feel a little problematic, then Bella and Edward stand out as great costumes.

53. The Fairly Odd Parents

The Fairly Odd Parents

A great excuse for you to get smoothies on Halloween. The costume is great for college girls.

54. Penny Proud

Penny Proud

If you grew up loving The Proud Family, why not be Penny? You can do it with some of your friends.

55. Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch is an excellent Halloween costume to do with your best friend. You have to get a teddy bear and the night will be great.

56. Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil

Why not allow Cruella De Vil to be your alter ego? You can be her for this Halloween wearing this costume.

57. Lifeguards


If you have not decided on the Halloween costume, this is a good idea. You and your friends will have fun with this costume. It’s pretty simple. It requires you to get a white lifeguard tank top with some red shirts that can pull it off.

58. Winnie & Friends

Winnie & Friends

Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? When you have friends like Winnie, then stand for them this Halloween.

59. Barbie

Perhaps you love Barbie while growing up. You can be her this Halloween. It is a fitness Barbie idea where you can pick any of her stylish looks.

60. Kim Possible

Kim Possible

Do you love long red or orange hair? If not, probably plan to wear a wig? Kim Possible can be a great costume to pick.

61. Snow White

Snow White

Are you a big Disney fan? You can choose Snow White for this Halloween as your costume.

62. Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit

If you follow celebrities, you’ve seen this costume a million times. So, when you feel a little extra during Halloween, get for yourself the Jessica Rabbit costume.

63. Minions


You can be a minion as long as you’re a child at heart. The cool thing is, you can choose this costume as a group.

64. Catwoman


Another great option for Halloween is the Catwoman costume.

65. Flapper Girl

Flapper Girl

Why Flapper Girl? You must love The Great Gatsby. It’s a great dressing option for Halloween that makes you look a little extra.

66. Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is a popular and super fun costume idea. You can choose to wear this Halloween to look outstanding.

67. Lola


Do you like Space Jam? Then Lola could make you feel sporty on Halloween.

68. Sandy From Greece

Sandy From Greece

This is a popular Halloween costume idea. Again, it’s easy to pull off and keep you warm. To choose this costume, you’ll need to have a costume twin.

69. Clueless

Clueless - college halloween Costumes

Clueless is a stylish college girl Halloween costume. You can pick the best option from Clueless.

70. Caution Tape

Caution Tape - college halloween Costumes

This is a simple costume to wear on Halloween. However, remember to wrap some caution tape.

71. Damien From Mean Girls

Damien From Mean Girls - college halloween Costumes

This costume requires you to have dark sunglasses and a blue hoodie. Pick a piece of paper and write.

72. Britney Spears

Britney Spears - college halloween Costumes

This is a great costume from Britney – Baby one more love. It is an option for those who live in Britney without the meltdown.

73. Rihanna

Rihanna - college halloween Costumes

Rihanna is a great artist. She is known for dropping fashion; you can copy her because she is great. And there are many choices you can choose from.

74. Beyonce

Beyonce - college halloween Costumes

There are many options to choose from, Beyonce. This could be a great fierce or any other you’ll like.

75. Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer - college halloween Costumes

Cereal Killer is a puny and appropriate college Halloween costume. It is a great option for dry humor.

76. Identity Thief

Identity Thief - college halloween Costumes

When you see this costume for the first time, it is hilarious. Buy some name tags and then put various names on them.

77. Mario & Luigi

Mario & Luigi - college halloween Costumes

Do you love Mario Kart? Were you fun while growing up? Then why not try Mario and Luigi’s Halloween costume?

78. SpongeBob & Patrick

SpongeBob & Patrick - college halloween Costumes

Many people love SpongeBob, and thus, this will be a no-brainer. So, if SpongeBob & Patrick represent your friendship, get this college Halloween costume.

79. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters - college halloween Costumes

Ghostbusters can be an excellent Halloween costume option. The cool thing is, you can have it with your best friends. Remember that this is a popular costume. So, expect to make lots of new friends with the costume on Halloween.

80. Mine

If you don’t have an idea of a Halloween costume, Mine is a great costume. Besides, this college girl’s Halloween costume is an excellent option for ignoring people. The cool thing is, you can wear it in groups, pick it with your friends.

81. Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice - college halloween Costumes

This college Halloween costume is super fun. You can choose it with friends for the night. Outstanding, you can dress how you want, but you need dark shades, mouse ears, and a walking stick.

82. Wednesday Addamsa

Wednesday Addamsa - college halloween Costumes

If you have no Halloween costume, and it’s the last minute, this could be a great option. Wednesday Addams can do the trick to make your day smooth. However, you need to have a simple white-colored shirt and long sleeve black dress when you choose this option.

83. Nerd

Nerd - college halloween Costumes

Nerd is by far the easiest college Halloween costume idea to pull off. The costume requires you to grab a few books and wear obnoxious glasses with tape. Also, wear a button-up shirt with slacks or a skirt.

84. Emoji

Emoji - college halloween Costumes

After a rough semester, what would you like to be your Halloween costume? You can be the poop emoji this Halloween and get a good laugh. Keep in mind that you’ll see numerous emojis on Halloween.

85. Ghost

Ghost - college halloween Costumes

Do you feel super creative? Then, be a ghost! Get a white sheet and make some holes for your eyes. However, you’re required to do tons of hard work. This can be a great option when you want to appear evil on Halloween.

86. Hippie

Hippie - college halloween Costumes

This is a simple college Halloween costume with little effort. The costume requires you to wear baggy jeans, hip sunglasses, headband, loose tank, and tie-dye shirt. You will rock Halloween night with the costume.

87. PB&J

Do you consider peanut butter and jelly your best friend? Then you can show that to the world this Halloween. PB & J is a great college Halloween costume.

88. Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls - college halloween Costumes

Is it made of spice, sugar, and all nice things? Then, become the Powerpuff Girls this Halloween. Ask your friends to form a group and pick this costume for Halloween.

Get ready to turn heads at your college Halloween bash with 88 easy and hottest costume ideas for girls in 2023! Need more time to perfect your look? Consider the convenience of the DoMyEssay service to free up your schedule for a spooktacular celebration!


Student life is busy, and therefore, you may not have time to get Halloween costumes. In the article above, we have highlighted easy and cute Halloween costumes. So, either you want the iconic costume, the hottest costume, the funniest, or the best pop culture.

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