It’s always a bit confusing to choose an engagement ring. Making the right choice can be difficult. So here are some fantastic types of engagement rings for you.

    Tying the knot with a loved one is still a dream for many, but a reality for many as well. Engagement is such a memorable event and to make it even more memorable there are lots of different types of engagement rings to choose from. Choosing the right ring for your partner does somewhat make the love bond stronger.

    It is so good to think that we have dozens of engagement ring types to choose from. Let’s put it this way, if you could, you can give new and different rings to your partner every single day for a whole month, sounds romantic right? Let us help you decide which ring goes first and which goes next.

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    32 Different Types of Engagement Rings:

    Listed below are 32 different types of engagement rings that will surely blow your mind and you’ll love to buy them.

    1. Solitaire Rings:

    solitaire rings types-of-engagement-rings

    The solitaire engagement ring is approximately 130 years old, older than the telephone itself, for reference.

    Until now these rings are known for their polished and pure structure. This allows a beautiful round diamond to fit in there with all its shine. Most of the simple engagement rings are usually solitaire rings.

    2. Halo Rings:

    halo-ring types-of-engagement-rings

    Halo rings usually have one big gemstone or diamond in their center. The gemstones are usually round or sometimes oval-shaped, with tiny sparkling stones fitted around the center stone to increase the beauty.

    3. Paved Rings:

    Paved Rings types-of-engagement-rings

    Paved rings are very sophisticatedly designed rings, doing justice to the word “Paved”. The paved rings are cut and shaped with simple instruments.

    Making them perfect for diamonds to fit in. They also have three to four spider-like claws surrounding the diamond.

    4. Bezel Rings:

    Bezel Rings

    Bezel rings are the types of engagement rings that are slightly different than others, but that is what makes them awesome.

    Unlike other rings, where the diamond is covered with spikes, Bezel rings diamonds are fitted with the metal of the ring itself.

    5. Three-Stoned Rings:

    3 stone

    As you can guess from the name, these are some of the types of engagement rings that have more than one diamond embedded in them.

    In these rings, the center gemstones are a bit upraised, which gives them a very nice look and artistic captivation.

    6. Channel Rings:

    channel ring

    Among the several types of engagement rings, if you liked the paved rings and were overwhelmed by their elegance, but still trying to find an even better and stronger option, you would love the channel rings.

    By its name, you can think of its structure, the diamonds or gemstones are embedded in channels, you get the idea right?

    7. Cracked-Shank Rings:

    The absolutely different-looking types of engagement rings involve Shank split rings, which gives it an extraordinary structure.

    Rings like these have their shank split from the top to the bottom, divided into two shanks, and the settings of the diamonds are determined according to the shape of the ring.

    8. Cathedral Rings:


    The cathedral rings are known for their customary and extraordinary designs. The name “Cathedral” comes from its shank metal.

    Its bends depict the bows of the cathedral. They get along very well with paved rings, but can also be used alone, there is no problem with that too.

    9. Cluster Rings:

    As you can guess from their name, the cluster rings are made up of clusters of small diamonds to make them affordable and keep the elegance intact.

    The cluster rings being extremely under the budget is what makes them very appealing. The choice is yours whether you choose a customary or modern cluster ring.

    10. Oval Halo:

    The halo rings enlarged to oval shapes are the best way to increase the ring size. These are the types of engagement rings that widen the ring size to a maximum size for better quality and a better fitting for oval-shaped diamonds.

    This oval setting gives a sparkle of another level and can make any woman feel like a princess.

    11. Double Diamond Rings:


    Who can afford it knows that two is always better than one, no? It is a new fashion nowadays to have two diamonds embedded in the ring just like the celebrities.

    It is a sign of a bond between you and your partner that would last until the end of time. The on-trend fashion is use different diamonds on the same ring, pointing at two different souls merging into one.

    Double diamond engagement ring settings are expensive, but worth the expenses.

    12. Tension Setting Engagement Rings:


    Sounds weird right? “Unique” would be the right word to describe these rings. What makes it different than others is that it doesn’t have spikes or bezels to hold the diamond, instead it has pressure from the shanks that keeps the diamond in the center.

    But these rings are only good for hard stones like medium-sized diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. When wearing this type of ring, you can provide a touch of contrast with your ombre nails.

    13. Flush Setting Rings:

    flush ring

    In these rings, the diamond is hammered and firmly fitted into the shanks of the rings. Making it one of the most secure types of engagement rings. This ring is very suitable for people who have an energetic nature.

    Flush setting rings are also quite famous among men, so good news for women who are looking for something great for their love.

    14. Baroque Engagement Rings:


    Baroque rings are some of the most sophisticated and decorative among the dozens of types of engagement rings.

    A lot of details are put into this ring while making. If you are that “antique” loving person meaning that if you love antique things then Baroque rings are the best bets for you.

    15. Swirl Engagement Rings:


    Man! Can a ring be this beautiful? Yes, the swirl rings can be and are that much. The rings are made in such a way that it seems that the shanks are flowing around the gemstones. An extremely detailed structure.

    A sign that two halves are becoming full. Due to its uniqueness, the ring is often the center of attention among people.

    16. Color-Accent Rings:

    color ring

    The Color-accent ring stones are the ideal companions to other types of engagement rings and give them a unique and intimate feel.

    You may know that pink diamonds are unaffordable for many, so people prefer a center white diamond with pink small diamonds around it.

    17. Single Colored Stone Engagement Rings:


    You may think that only white diamonds are good for all types of engagement rings, but that’s not entirely the case.

    As it became a tradition recently. Before that people preferred single-colored rings. As a matter of fact, these rings used to be one of the most popular wedding rings in the 1900s. One other reason might be that single-colored stones are far more affordable than white diamonds.

    18. Vintage Art Deco Style Engagement Rings:


    Passing all the tests of time, vintage engagement rings have come a long way from the Art Deco era till now.

    These vintage rings are very elegantly structured and are coming back in trend nowadays. If you have a love for art then the vintage rings are where you should look for.

    19. Ballerina Engagement Rings:

    belliner ring

    The shape of ballerina rings is taken from Tutu (clothing). Its style is said to be one of the most captivating.

    In the center of the ring, the diamond or gemstone is embedded and several tiny diamonds are fitted around it like a fan or a cluster. This style is also quite old but is becoming a trend again due to its brilliance.

    20. Modern Contemporary Style Rings:

    modren ring

    If you want to see modern art at its best, this ring is its living example. The women who love the trends are going to love this ring.

    A properly detailed and twisted ring is something no one dares to ignore. Decorate it with a white diamond to maximize its beauty. Modern engagement rings are here to stay on top.

    21. Vintage Edwardian Rings:


    Vintage Edwardian rings are all about beautiful details with real female touch. Imagine a flower-like cluster and weird diamond cuts and then look at this ring, you will not find much difference.

    With beautiful acrylic nails on your hand, this ring can make you shine even more. Green-colored gemstones are the ideal fit for these rings, like rubies, sapphires, and others.

    22. Acrostic Engagement Rings:

    Acrostic rings used to have alphabets as their stones names back in the 19th century. These types of engagement rings are somewhat unique, in a way that A was used for amethyst, B was used for blue topaz, and E was used for Emerald, and so on.

    People used to wear these rings to sometimes give secret messages to someone without even speaking.

    23. Etched Engagement Rings:


    The etched rings are a good way to customize a ring for your engagement. You can use chemicals to shape these rings in any form you want, like leaves, ropes, etc.

    It makes the ring of female nature by doing so. These rings are popular, but not that much, compared to other rings on the list.

    24. Geometric Engagement Rings:


    By the name, you would’ve guessed, no? These geometric rings have geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and rectangles, etc.

    The rings have sharp edges and are ideal for people with bold nature. So, if you are one, the ring is for you. Geometric rings are on-trend engagement rings nowadays.

    25. Minimalist Engagement Rings:


    If you use simple thin band engagement rings in your daily life then this is what you should do on your engagement day as well.

    Due to their simplicity, minimalist rings are never off-trend. These rings are easy to wear, clean, and repair. Making them an ideal choice for people who prefer to keep it simple.

    26. Everlasting Engagement Rings:


    This engagement ring is the sign of never-ending love. The ring’s shank is made up of a cluster of small diamonds linked with one another forever. You can change the diamonds on the ring as per your likings such as paved diamonds or French diamonds.

    These types of engagement rings don’t just serve the purpose of engagement but are also given at weddings or the first child’s birth.

    27. Suspended Diamond Rings:

    suspended ring-types-of-engagement-rings

    Remember the tension ring that we mentioned above? Just like that the diamond is suspended above the ring.

    When looked from above, the diamond of the ring looks fitted in the ring’s shank but changing the angle we see, a whole new look. There is a vacuum between the shank and the diamond, which makes it unique.

    28. Art Nouveau Rings:


    Inspired by an Art Nouveau movement back in the 19th century, the artists used their expertise to create free-flowing ring shanks, impersonating the animals and the plants.

    It is quite difficult to find real antique engagement rings from the 1900s. But artists nowadays try to use the same techniques to recreate the rings.

    Try choosing a gemstone that’s easy to wear and take off, while using these rings. A ring of this type can also be worn as a party accessory.

    29. Shaped Band Rings:


    The shaped band rings are on-trend nowadays, with chevron style being the most famous. Their shank is structured in a triangular way, with a diamond attached to the ring head.

    The rings are popular for being the best gifts for couples that are made for each other, among all the types of engagement rings.

    30. Bombe Engagement Rings:


    More metal is used in these rings than any other. A true depiction of Art Deco-style rings. French diamonds are usually embedded in these rings.

    Bombe engagement rings are literally the unique engagement rings for women and extraordinary to look at. A contrast of different diamonds and gemstones are worth the money spent on them.

    31. Tiffany Rings:


    Tiffany rings are widely known for their extravagant artistry and ever-living style. The thing that separates tiffany rings from others is their engagement ring cuts.

    Their beautiful diamond engagement ring cuts became the reason for their fame. Ever heard of sterling silver? Tiffany rings only use this metal in their rings, which requires good care to keep the silver’s shine intact.

    32. Bar Rings:


    If professionally crafted, the bar rings can maximize the beauty of the partner’s finger. Although it is not that popular among the masses. The rings use vertical bars to keep the gemstones firmly in place.

    This way the diamond stays stable, yet weak. The ring diamonds are raised in such a way that they are exposed to maximum light to interact with. But keep them from striking with other objects as there is also a higher chance of the diamond being damaged due to exposure.

    Names of Several Types of Engagement Rings:

    1. Christopher Designs Cushion Engagement Rings
    2. DY Astor Engagement Rings
    3. DY Unity Cable Engagement Rings
    4. Monique Lhuillier Engagement Rings
    5. Beverly K-style Halo Engagement Rings
    6. Forevermark Cascade Engagement Rings
    7. Jennie Kwon Diamond Hope Rings
    8. Brilliant Earth RingsJade Trau Parasol Rings
    9. Capucinne Diamond Sapphire Rings
    10. Danhov Baguette Engagement Rings
    11. Sholdt Emerald Engagement Rings
    12. Kwiat Ashoka Engagement Rings
    13. Micheal M Define Engagement Rings
    14. Penny Preville Rings
    15. Sylvie Unique Halo Engagement Rings
    16. Uneek Oval Three-stone Rings
    17. DY Eden Solitaire Engagement Rings
    18. DB Classic Rings
    19. Van Cleef Solitaire Rings


    1. Which is the Most Popular/Famous Type of Rings?

    Although all the above-mentioned engagement ring styles are great and popular, solitaire rings are considered to be the most popular engagement rings, due to the rings being always on-trend and fit-for-all type.

    2. What are some Pretty Designer Engagement Rings?

    Awesome designer rings include David Yurman, De Beers Forever Mark, SOKO, Nordstrom, Tory Burch, Nadri, and many more.

    3. How do I Ensure that my Ring Stays Timeless?

    Depending on your relationship with the person, you should see for yourself which is the right time. But, there is no perfect time for anything, except for NOW!

    5. Can these types of Engagement Rings also be used for Wedding Purposes?

    Yes, these rings can be used for wedding purposes. All you have to do is mold the engagement rings into wedding ring shapes and you are all good. Pretty wedding rings are sometimes part of a happy marriage.

    6. What is the Cost of Engagement Rings?

    Purely based on your love, and of course, your budget, the prices vary from person to person and ring to ring.

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