How To Do Your Makeup? Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Guide 2023

Makeup is not everyone’s cup of tea, and if you are good at it, you know what we mean. However, being good at makeup comes with a price, as sometimes the best makeup doesn’t always result in the best pictures, which usher in demand for easily accessible tools like free photo editing software.

After all, the most important aspect of any look is how you capture it. If you have struggled with such an issue before, then fret not, as we will show you how to do makeup and make it look good in pictures with the help of additional photo editing software.

Mix and Match Concealer with Foundation

Makeup in pictures is often distorted by the uneven balance between concealer and foundation. Make sure to apply foundation evenly on your skin. If any imbalance stands out, use the concealer on respective areas to even it out. Nostrils, dark circles, and wrinkles are the most common targets for this step.

So long as the foundation has positive conjugation with the concealer, you are good to go. There are many photo editing tools for pc which boast a myriad of features to help with this aspect.


Most people prefer natural brows in their pictures. However, not everyone has saturated brows so their pictures turn out lackluster. Eyebrows lift the entire face so applying eyebrow pencils to make them darker gives your face an empowering look.

Filling your brows is relatively easy if you brush it from down up and follow the natural curvature. A balanced browse contributes significantly to good pictures.


The beauty lies in the eyes, and it contributes directly to good photos as well. Choose an eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone. Apply neutral eyeshadow over the lids and go darker on the crease.

This will make your eyes look bigger and brighten up the darker areas of the eye. The lighting will affect how the eye is captured in the picture. You can modify this light with this best photo editor layers which is also free.


Eyeliner shapes your eyes and can be applied closer to the lash for a better visual effect. You can try different eyeliner styles and choose whichever you like as long as it doesn’t throw your makeup out of proportion.

Face Magic

Beyond your eyes, the facial makeup makes or breaks your pictures. You can control the visual effects on your face with the help of the best photo editing tools for PC.

Apply the highlighter to the top of the cheeks, nose, and inner corner of the eyelids. This will be rounded off by the bronzer and blush you choose to apply.

Editing your pictures is like the cherry on top. Make sure to use the best photo editor layers tools for PC and control the lighting. You can also modify the visual effects such as color dynamics, background, and facial cuts to produce the best picture.

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