Toe Nail Designs: 28 Ideas You’ve Been Looking for in 2024

Changing your toe nail designs according to your style and mood is always fun. So check out these fabulous toe nail styles for your feet to look adorable.

Gone are the days when toe nails were not supposed to be done at all. Now just like hand nails, people also give good detail nail art to their toe nails, or you can say that girls are no longer limited to only adding nail art designs to their hand nails.

The combination of neatly trimmed toe nails with some good nail art always adds a touch of class to your personality.

A pedicure has also evolved into the necessity of nail art on your toe nails by explaining that they, too, require care and charm. Ignoring them is never a good option to go.

Here I am going to mention some of the most fantastic and trendy toe nail designs. They add charm and will make you look flawless in your style.

So whether you are wearing flip flops, high heels, or flat sandals, your toe nails will always pop out with these toe nail designs.

Check them out, and let us know which one is your favorite.

1. Burgundy Nails with White Nails Art

Burgundy Nails with White Nails Art-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest

Burgundy is an all-time favourite colour of young girls. It enhances the beauty of nails with its dark shade.

This nail colour will give you a chic look with elegance in no time. Never forget to add white nail art to your burgundy nails.

You can either add nail art to all of your toe nails or to just some of them. Adding a hint of shine to your nails using a transparent nail shiner is always a good idea.

Just give them a good trim, and you are ready to go with your tip-top toe nails.

2. Red Toe Nails with Black Tips

Red Toe Nails with Black Tips-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest


Having red nails is always a trend and an elaborated fashion statement. But let’s add something new and easy to your style.

Black and red have a good colour contrast and complement each other.

Just go easy and add black tips to your glossy red toe nails. Try to keep the tips neat and smooth to make them more attractive.

There is no right or wrong way to add tips to your nails – you can go for broad or thin tips, depending on your preference. Let’s rock with these toe nail designs this season!

3. Baby Pink Toe Nails

Baby Pink Toe Nails-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest

Give your french tip toes nails a cute yet romantic colour to pop out this season.

Adding baby pink nail colour to your edgy trimmed toe nails is a good idea as they pair well with every outfit you wear.

Apply a cute pink colour to your pretty toes nails. Add any transparent, glossy nail shiner, and here you are, ready to go with your lush baby pink toe nails.

No matter what shoe you wear, this toe nail design will look great and will compliment your look where ever you go.

4. White Toe Nail Designs

White Toe Nail Designs-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest

White is always a colour of elegance. Having white toe nails without adding another colour art is a way to add a charm to your feet.

Once you try this one, you will hardly love any other nail colour to try.

Just trim your toe nails in your favourite shape; either it is french tip toe nails, or it might be a coffin shape.

Apply a white nail colour coat to all your nails neatly. You can create a matte look or go to have a glazed look by applying shiner to your nails.

5. White Toe Nails with Nude Floral Art

White Toe Nails with Nude Floral Art-toe nail designs

The Classic Nude Nail Art on your white toe nails always pop out your feet. A little more detail in design will add up a charm to your toes’ nails.

Just ask your nail stylist to put on white nail paint on your nails and add a floral design with some good detail.

These white nails will look complementary to your chunky sole shoes. If you are going to a party, consider adding some tiny pearls on your nails to blend with the design, and here you are ready to go.

6. Pastels Color Toe Nails

Pastels Color Toe Nails-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest

It’s easy to associate pastel nails with country-club sweaters and Easter egg hunts, but pastel nails aren’t as predictable as they might seem. Patel nail art comes in a variety of unexpected variations.

Every pastel color adds a little feminine point to your look. You can shine even brighter with this unique pastel nail art on your toe nails.

Try all out to get your favorite one from ballerina pink to nude pastel nail colors. Whether you choose just one pastel nail color or a combination of more, you will surely love how your nails look.

7. Chevron Pattern Toe Nails

Chevron Pattern Toe Nails-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest

Having a chevron pattern on your toe nails are timeless and fall toe nail designs. Toe nails painted with chevrons and polished with melon polish are always a perfect choice for pedicures.

The best nail paint color to add a chevron pattern is black on nude because the black pattern is always elegant and pops out.

At the same time, you can give it with contrasting nail color to make your toe nails more prominent this season!

8. Block Inspired Toe Nails

Block Inspired Toe Nails-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest

Get yourself to the easiest block-inspired toe nails. Make a cool bold pattern on your big toe or hallux. Don’t fully paint it, rather than just add a nail shiner and then create a bold block pattern on it.

On the other fingers paint them plain with the color you added in the pattern. It will create a contrasting style for your nails. Also, don’t forget to trim your nails in a perfect shape to rock with this style.

9. Toe Nails with Crystals

Toe Nails with Crystals-toe nail designs

Nail art is not only about creating old or intricate patterns on your nail. Rather than this, you can also add some crystals on your bare nails or any simple painted nails to create a flawless look.

Consider adding the small crystals to make cute shapes and designs on your nails.

10. Toe Nails with Detail Nail Art

Toe Nails with Detail Nail Art-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest

Detailing nail art always gives a good look, whether in dark shades or light colors. Doing your toe nails with detailed nail patterns might be a time-consuming thing for every busy girl.

But what if you consider it doing on the weekend and enjoy your fabulous nails throughout the whole week!

Let’s try them at least once so that you can enjoy their charm and can go for them on and off.

11. Toe Nails for Baseball Lovers

Toe Nails for Baseball Lovers-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest

Having these toe nails is very easy. You can paint your nails like this in minutes. Moreover, having them will always complement your personality with cool jeans and jacket stuff.

All you need to do is paint your nails with any base color. Than take some different color nail paints and apply them in a swirl pattern one by one. Here you go with your cool toe nail design!

12. Christmas Toe Nails

Christmas Toe Nails-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest

Want some Christmas toe nail designs? Green and red are always associated with Christmas.

Let’s paint your nails with these colors in any pattern and add some glitter to them.

Don’t forget to add a nail shiner at the last to give them a final shiny touch. You can also add floral patterns on your nails with green, red, or orange to give a more lovely look.

13. Glittery Toe Nails for Parties

Glittery Toe Nails for Parties-toe nail designs
Source: Temu

Painting your toe nails is not that much common as painting your hand nails. We all know that most of us pay little attention to our feet’ nails. But at parties, we all go to paint our toe nails.

So this time, let’s try these glittery toe nails. You can also add a little more charm by adding a bold color on tips.

For that, just take a sponge and drop some nail paint on it. Now softly use that sponge and add color on the tips of your toe nails, and you are all done.

14. Stripy Toe Nails

Stripy Toe Nails-toe nail designs
Source: Pinterest

Summer days with your summer sandals and these toe nails are a great combination. You can choose nail paints of your favorite colors and add on your nails in stripes.

Stripes can be done in vertical or horizontal styles to add more fun to your nails.

15. Blue Sparkling Toe Nails

Blue Sparkling Toe Nails
Source: Pinterest

These sparkling toe nails can surely make your day more joyful. The little detail on the first nail and straight paint on the rest of the fingers is an excellent toe nail design.

Furthermore, by adding golden beads to your toe nails, you can make them more shiny.

16. Summer Cute Nails

Summer Cute Nails
Source: Pinterest

Here is another toe nail design for summers. These polka dot patterns will look great on your feet’ nails with contrasting colors.

Dress up with the color dress, and here you are, good to go, with a fantastic look.

17. Toe Nails with Zebra Patterns

Toe Nails with Zebra Patterns

Zebra print is one of the most common and loved patterns for dresses, shoes, bags, and every accessory. Then why not for nail art?

Let’s try this toe nail design to enjoy its charm in your own way. If you opt for this look, be sure to add a nail shiner to your nails.

18. Nail Designs with Lines

Nail Designs with Lines
Source: Nail Designs Journal

Line designs are always and forever favorite patterns for nail art. While having line designs, you have countless options to choose from.

Besides being common, it is also an easy feet nails style. The only thing to consider is the color choices and neatness.

19. Half N Half Toe Nails Design

Half N Half Toe Nails Design

Be bold to your look by giving your toe nails an asymmetrical look with a symmetrical touch. Choose one bold and one nude color and have this design on your toe nails.

Whether at a party or dinner, these can go just about anywhere. Don’t forget to add some glittery touch for a finishing look.

20. Halloween Toe Nail Designs

Halloween Toe Nail Designs
Source: Goldfish Kiss

This Halloween, don’t only go for a halloween costume. Let’s make up your look for the occasion by adding this toe nail style to your feet. Choose from the bold dark colors and add some detail from your costume.

21. Toe Nails with Fantastic Pedicure Ideas

Toe Nails with Fantastic Pedicure Ideas
Source: Pinterest

This toe nail design is a great option for asking your nail stylist. The color combination is completely awesome and complementary.

Let’s try it once to enjoy the vibe it always gives and the positive energy it puts into your body.

22. Cute Emojis Nails

Cute Emojis Nails
Source: Pinterest

Girls always love cute things, and this toe nail design is cuter than every other design. Let’s paint yellow to your nails and add the emoji of your mood.

Other colors can also be a good choice if yellow isn’t your favorite. Moreover, you can select any emoji that suits your day.

23. Cloudy Cow Typo Toe Nails

Cloudy Cow Typo Toe Nails
Source: fofosbeauty

If black n white is your choice for a time, why not try this one out? It is super easy to do and cool in its look. But be sure to do it neatly and add a shiner to this awesome nails design at the end for a final touch.

24. For Lady Bug lovers

For Lady Bug lovers
Source: Nail Design Code

Not everyone does this toe nail design, but the one who loves it always have it. All you have to do is paint your nails red and let them dry.

Now take a small nail paintbrush, give the line and dots detail, and apply a nail shiner in the last. Here you are done with your ladybug toe nails.

25. Black and Golden Style

Black and Golden Style
Source: Pinterest

Some days, you opt to have some royal and elegant touch in your style. So why not consider these black toe nails with a classy golden pattern?

These nails will hit your style once you have them. Make sure to give good detailing and neatness to your nails.

26. Those with Textured Paint

Those with Textured Paint
Source: Glaminati

Although smooth, clear, and flawless nail paint is everybody’s favorite, there are certain days when you want rough-textured paint on your toe nails.

You can have them in any of the colors and their gradients according to your style and choice.

27. Hippie Toe Nail Design

Hippie Toe Nail Design
Source: Pinterest

Here is a famous hippie toe nail design with extensive floral art. The little deep detailing will give an excellent look to your feet.

Don’t be afraid to have them if you have too short nails because they can go with short and long toe nails.

28. For Sunflower Lovers

For Sunflower Lovers
Source: Pinterest

It is one of the best summer toe nail designs. Try not to do it on all of your nails. You can add it to two or three of your toe nails and leave the rest plain.

Pick your colors from sky blue to yellow mustard and black for details.


In addition to these toe nail designs, there are hundreds more. You can also mix the above two or three designs to create your own toe nail design, depending on your preferences and mood.

If you try something new, make sure it complements your look. Be sure to choose according to your style.

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