Finding inspiration for your project can be quite a challenge. Even the most imaginative people may encounter creative blocks when trying to generate fresh ideas, especially when faced with tight deadlines or no deadlines at all. While a lack of inspiration is perfectly natural, it’s useful to know tips and tricks on quickly overcoming this state and reigniting creative flow. Read further to learn how to find inspiration in any circumstance.

    Understanding Inspiration and Its Impact

    Understanding Inspiration and Its Impact

    Inspiration is the state in which we can produce various ideas and shape our vision. While it’s common to link this state to creative writing, art, and design professions, inspiration extends far beyond that. It can also help you solve complex problems, make important decisions, and chart a course for your life. Inspiration can come from anywhere—a breathtaking landscape, a powerful story, or a thought-provoking conversation.

    Knowing that, one might mistake inspiration for motivation. While inspirational quotes may ignite a spark of motivation at times, these two concepts are different. Inspiration is about gaining ideas and vision, while motivation is about finding reasons and resources to take action.

    At the same time, inspiration and motivation are often intertwined. When you are inspired by something, it’s easier for you to find motivation to do creative things and more routine tasks. You can also become more creative and energized and, as a result, improve your mental well-being.

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    How to Find Art Inspiration

    While some believe art inspiration is a force beyond our control, creative professionals understand the importance of accessing this state whenever needed. Whether you’re a writer, artist, or any creative individual, staying productive and consistently delivering high-quality work requires the ability to tap into inspiration at will.

    Even if your job isn’t about generating creative ideas daily, you can still benefit from learning how to make inspiration work for you. The following tips can help you find inspiration whenever you need it.

    Go Outside and Explore

    Go Outside and Explore

    If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, step outside and explore. Physical movement can jumpstart your creative energy and serve as a distraction from social media and all the notifications popping up on your devices.

    Once you stop looking at your devices and focus on your surroundings instead, you might find a plethora of inspiration in the form of exciting textures, vibrant color combinations, unique composition ideas, and potential character references.

    Consider trying photo walks, photographing what catches your eye or meets certain requirements, be it objects of a specific color or shape. You can also try sketching to preserve new ideas, scenes, people, and items that intrigue you.


    Our brains naturally tend to think, generate ideas, and approach things in familiar ways. While this can be helpful in many situations, it can also hinder our ability to develop fresh and innovative approaches. Experiments are a great way to rewire those neural pathways and help you generate new ideas easier.

    To do that, you can set certain limitations or conditions for yourself. For example, draw a picture using a black and white palette only, shoot photos from unusual angles, try new artistic techniques, work in a different style, or recreate works from the best design magazines.

    Keep a Visual Diary

    Keep a Visual Diary

    A visual diary is a sketchbook or a paper notebook that you always carry around. Whenever an idea strikes, or you see something inspiring, you can write it down or sketch it. You can also use it to brainstorm, draw concepts, and create quick illustrations. In fact, you can write or draw something in it daily, just like in a classic diary.

    A diary like this is good for daily creative practice and can be used later as a source of inspiration. You can turn to it when you’re out of ideas and review it to find some fresh or unused concepts. Also, making creativity your routine helps generate new ideas easier.

    Take Breaks

    Sometimes the problem behind a creative block is painfully simple—you aren’t getting enough rest. What you do to rest also counts: for instance, spending an evening scrolling through social media might not help you relax; on the contrary, you start feeling tired and overwhelmed. Taking a digital detox, going for a walk or a trip, or trying something new could help you destress and unwind. This, in turn, eases the creative process.

    Study the Works of Others

    Study the Works of Others

    Studying the works of other creators can be a valuable source of inspiration, as long as you approach it with respect and integrity. When feeling stuck and uninspired, consider checking out innovative magazines, platforms like Behance, personal portfolios of your favorite creators, and other sources.

    The key is not to admire the visuals, but to analyze what exactly you like about them, be it the color combination, an original composition, or something else. This can help you see certain patterns in the works of others and come up with new creative approaches yourself.

    Depositphotos as Your Inspiration Gallery

    Depositphotos is a leading photo stock that features millions of high-quality, licensed visuals ready to be used in personal, commercial, and editorial projects. But it’s also more than just that.

    Depositphotos can also serve as an educational source with webinars, tutorials, and blog articles about top creative magazines that can drive your inspiration; current design and photography trends; insights on AI-generated content; creativity practices; and other helpful information for creators across various fields.

    If you are a creative professional, entrepreneur, or an individual who wants to improve your skills and knowledge, find inspiration, and check out the works of others, consider exploring the Depositphotos website and blog.

    To Sum Up

    Inspiration might seem like something uncontrollable, yet highly valuable. The ability to generate creative ideas on demand is a skill that can be trained just like any other. You can do so by reading books about sourcing inspiration, studying the works of others, keeping a visual diary, taking good care of your mental well-being, and experimenting. Moreover, checking out the Depositphotos blog for high-quality educational content for creators can complement your quest for inspiration.

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