Hairstyles for Men in Their 40s: Irresistible Style Upgrades

Men in their 40s seek hairstyles that retain a youthful flair while projecting sophistication and polish. With the right cut and styling, men can keep their hair looking great even as hairlines recede and thinning occurs.

In this article, we will explore 40 trendy hairstyles perfect for men in their forties.

Hairstyles for Men in Their 40s

Discover confident and sophisticated Hairstyles for Men in Their 40s in our curated collection. From classic side parts to modern slicked-back undercuts, find the perfect look to redefine your style during this dynamic stage of life. Look and feel your best with these transformative hairstyles.

1. Classic Side Part

Classic Side Part-hairstyles for men in their 40s

The classic side part is a timeless and versatile choice. It involves a clean, precise part on one side, creating a polished and sophisticated look suitable for various occasions.

2. Salt and Pepper Pompadour

Salt and Pepper Pompadour

Embracing the natural aging process, the salt and pepper pompadour features a stylish contrast of darker and lighter shades. This haircut adds volume to the front while maintaining a neat and groomed appearance.

3. Short Textured Crop

Short Textured Crop-hairstyles for men in their 40s
Source: DMARGE

The short textured crop is a contemporary and low-maintenance style. Slightly longer on top with textured layers, it exudes a modern and laid-back vibe, making it perfect for the modern man with a busy lifestyle.

4. Tapered Crew Cut

Tapered Crew Cut
Source: Pinterest

A modern twist on the traditional crew cut, the tapered version maintains short sides with a gradual increase in length toward the top. This creates a seamless transition and a polished, contemporary look.

5. Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut-hairstyles for men in their 40s
Source: Pinterest

Achieve a bold and sophisticated appearance with the slicked-back undercut. This style features a contrast between longer hair on top and shaved sides, exuding confidence and a modern edge.

6. Suave Side Swept Quiff

Suave Side Swept Quiff

The suave side-swept quiff combines sophistication with a touch of rebellion. This polished yet relaxed hairstyle adds a modern charm to your overall appearance, with a swept-back quiff for an extra flair.

7. Business Casual Comb Over

Business Casual Comb Over-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Strike the perfect balance between professional and casual with a business casual comb-over. This versatile hairstyle is suitable for both the boardroom and informal settings, offering a clean and refined look.

8. Gray Elegance

Gray Elegance

Embrace the silver fox within by showcasing your natural gray hair. This distinguished look radiates confidence and showcases a strong sense of self, embracing the elegance that comes with age.

9. Disconnected Pompadour

Disconnected Pompadour-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Make a bold statement with a disconnected pompadour, blending classic elegance with a contemporary edge. This daring style is sure to turn heads, with a pronounced contrast between the longer top and shorter sides.

10. Groomed Beard with Short Crop

Groomed Beard with Short Crop
Source: Pinterest

Pair a well-groomed beard with a short crop for a refined and masculine look. This combination adds depth and character to your facial features, creating a sophisticated and modern appearance.

11. Modern Faux Hawk

Modern Faux Hawk-hairstyles for men in their 40s
Source: Pinterest

Revitalize a classic with a modern faux hawk. This edgy yet refined hairstyle adds a touch of rebellion to your overall appearance without sacrificing sophistication.

12. Side-Parted Ivy League

Side-Parted Ivy League
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Achieve a timeless, collegiate look with a side-parted Ivy League haircut. This preppy style is both polished and effortlessly cool, ideal for a classic yet modern aesthetic.

13. Curly Top with Short Sides

Curly Top with Short Sides-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Embrace your natural curls with a curly top and short sides. This playful yet mature hairstyle exudes personality and charm, showcasing your unique hair texture.

14. Neat High and Tight

Neat High and Tight

For a sharp and polished appearance, consider the neat high and tight haircut. This military-inspired style is clean, precise, and always in vogue, offering a no-nonsense look.

15. Modern Side Buzz

Modern Side Buzz-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Make a statement with a modern side buzz that combines boldness with refinement. This sleek and stylish cut is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist yet impactful look.

16. Casual Tousled Waves

Casual Tousled Waves

Embrace a laid-back vibe with casual tousled waves. Effortlessly cool, this hairstyle adds a touch of carefree charm while maintaining a polished appearance.

17. Short and Sharp Caesar Cut

Short and Sharp Caesar Cut-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Opt for a short and sharp Caesar cut for a clean and structured look. This timeless haircut is versatile and suits various face shapes, providing a neat and sophisticated appearance.

18. Textured Side-Swept Undercut

Textured Side-Swept Undercut

Add texture and dimension with a side-swept undercut. This contemporary choice provides a dynamic and stylish edge, blending a textured top with shaved sides.

19. Classic Bald Look

Classic Bald Look-hairstyles for men in their 40s
Source: Real Men Real Style

Embrace the classic bald look with confidence. A clean-shaven head exudes strength and boldness, making a powerful style statement.

20. Asymmetrical Fringe

Asymmetrical Fringe
Source: The Right Hairstyles

Infuse a touch of modernity with an asymmetrical fringe. This edgy and stylish haircut adds an element of surprise to your overall appearance, creating a unique and eye-catching aesthetic.

21. Dapper Mid-Length Style

Dapper Mid-Length Style-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Strike the perfect balance with a dapper mid-length style. Versatile and refined, this haircut offers a sophisticated look without being too formal, making it ideal for various occasions.

22. Messy Quiff with Texture

Messy Quiff with Texture
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Achieve a casual yet stylish look with a messy quiff featuring texture. This laid-back hairstyle is perfect for the man who values a relaxed approach to grooming, providing a trendy and effortless appearance.

23. Vintage Side Comb

Vintage Side Comb-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Transport your style to the past with a vintage side comb. This retro-inspired look combines nostalgia with timeless appeal, creating a unique and sophisticated aesthetic.

24. Wavy Side-Parted Crop

Wavy Side-Parted Crop
Source: Pinterest

Combine waves with a classic side part for a sophisticated yet laid-back look. This versatile style adds a touch of personality to your appearance without sacrificing elegance.

25. Chin-Length Layered Cut

Chin-Length Layered Cut-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Explore a slightly longer, chin-length layered cut for a refined yet contemporary appearance. Layers add movement and interest to the hairstyle, creating a dynamic and stylish effect.

26. Sleek Business Cut

Sleek Business Cut

Opt for a sleek business cut for a polished and professional appearance. This sharp and clean hairstyle is ideal for the man who values a no-nonsense, business-ready look.

27. Textured High-Top Fade

Textured High-Top Fade-hairstyles for men in their 40s
Source: Pinterest

Embrace the boldness of a high-top fade with added texture. This modern take on a classic style adds an element of flair and individuality to your overall look.

28. Casual Side Sweep

Casual Side Sweep
Source: Pinterest

Achieve a casual and relaxed look with a side sweep. This uncomplicated style is perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance yet stylish appearance, offering a laid-back and trendy vibe.

29. Mid-Length Pompadour

Mid-Length Pompadour-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Strike a balance between sophistication and trendiness with a mid-length pompadour. This versatile haircut allows you to experiment with different styling options, creating a polished and dynamic appearance.

30. Bold Mohawk

Bold Mohawk
Source: Pinterest

Make a statement with a bold Mohawk that exudes confidence and edge. This daring style is perfect for those who want to stand out and showcase their unique personality, offering a bold and modern appearance.

31. Blunt Cut with Bangs

Blunt Cut with Bangs-hairstyles for men in their 40s
Source: Pinterest

Explore a sleek and polished look with a blunt cut featuring bangs. This hairstyle adds a touch of modernity while maintaining timeless elegance, providing a clean and stylish appearance.

32. Swept-Back Waves

Swept-Back Waves
Source: Pinterest

Embrace a swept-back waves style for a classic yet relaxed appearance. This versatile haircut suits various occasions and can be effortlessly styled for different looks, offering a timeless and sophisticated vibe.

33. Classic Brushed-Up Style

Classic Brushed-Up Style-hairstyles for men in their 40s
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Achieve a timeless and refined look with a classic brushed-up style. This versatile haircut adds volume and a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance, offering a polished and classic aesthetic.

34. Wavy Pompadour

Wavy Pompadour

Elevate your style with a wavy pompadour that combines texture with sophistication. This hairstyle adds movement and interest to your look, creating a dynamic and trendy appearance.

35. Crisp Angular Fringe

Crisp Angular Fringe-hairstyles for men in their 40s
Source: Pinterest

Opt for a crisp angular fringe for a bold and modern look. This hairstyle adds an edge to your appearance with sharp lines and angles, providing a contemporary and fashion-forward aesthetic.

36. Modern Taper Fade

Modern Taper Fade

The modern taper fade combines sophistication with a contemporary edge. This haircut features a gradual fade from longer to shorter lengths, providing a sleek and polished appearance.

37. Messy Bedhead Look

Messy Bedhead Look-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Achieve a casual and effortlessly cool vibe with the messy bedhead look. This style embraces a tousled and carefree appearance, perfect for those who appreciate a laid-back approach to grooming.

38. Structured Quiff

Structured Quiff

Opt for a structured quiff for a refined and polished look. This hairstyle adds height and volume to the front, creating a dynamic and trendy appearance with a touch of sophistication.

39. Longer Wavy Locks

Longer Wavy Locks-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Embrace a relaxed and free-spirited look with longer wavy locks. This hairstyle allows your natural waves to flow, providing a low-maintenance yet stylish appearance.

40. Undercut with Geometric Patterns

Undercut with Geometric Patterns
Source: Pinterest

Infuse creativity with an undercut featuring geometric patterns. This bold and edgy choice allows you to express your individuality through unique and eye-catching designs.

41. Shaved Side Part Design

Shaved Side Part Design-hairstyles for men in their 40s
Source: Pinterest

Make a bold statement with a shaved side part design. This intricate and artistic choice adds an element of flair to your hairstyle, showcasing a blend of precision and creativity.

42. Slicked-Back Waves with Beard

Slicked-Back Waves with Beard
Source: The Right Hairstyles

Combine sophistication with rugged charm by pairing slicked-back waves with a well-groomed beard. This stylish combination adds depth and character to your overall appearance.

43. Spiky Texture

Spiky Texture-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Opt for a spiky texture for a youthful and energetic look. This hairstyle adds dynamic spikes to the top, creating a playful and trendy appearance that’s easy to maintain.

44. Classic French Crop

Classic French Crop

Achieve a timeless and versatile look with the classic French crop. This short, textured cut offers a clean and neat appearance, making it suitable for various occasions.

45. Razor Sharp Contour Cut

Razor Sharp Contour Cut-hairstyles for men in their 40s

Make a bold and modern statement with a razor-sharp contour cut. This hairstyle features precise lines and angles, creating a sharp and sophisticated appearance that stands out.


Whether you want an edgy modern cut or a conservative polished style, there are many great hairstyles for men in their 40s. Consider your face shape, hair type, and receding hairlines when choosing options. A skilled barber can tailor a cut and style to help you look your best. Feel youthful and confident in your 40s with a mature yet stylish hairstyle.

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