30 Gorgeous Pink Hair Ideas You’ll Want to Try This Year

Pink hair has become an incredibly popular trend in recent years. While some may see pink locks as overly bold, the hue can be flattering on many different people when done right. From rose gold to neon pink to pastel pink, there are endless options.

Keep reading for 30 fabulous pink hair ideas to inspire your next look.

Inspiring Pink Hair Styles

1. Rose Gold Mermaid Waves

Rose Gold Mermaid Waves -pink hair ideas
source: Pinterest.com

For a romantic take on pink hair, go for big rose gold curls. The mix of pearl and pink creates a multi-dimensional mermaid effect. Style mermaid waves for a lush, bouncy style.

2. Peachy Pastel Pink

Peachy Pastel Pink-pink hair ideas
Source: refinery29.com

One of the softest pink hair ideas is a peachy pastel pink. This blend of pink, peach and gold has a sweet, subtle effect. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to test the pink waters cautiously.

3. Bold Fuchsia Highlights

Bold Fuchsia Highlights-pink hair ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Make a statement by adding strips or chunks of fuchsia highlights. The bright pink pops will contrast beautifully with any base color from platinum to chocolate brown.

4. Neon Pink Tips

neon pink tips hair-pink hair ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Dip dye your ends in electric neon pink for an instant color Transformation. This fun ombré effect is all about the shock factor.

5. Pink Balayage on Blondes

Pink Balayage on Blondes-pink hair ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

For a pretty take on pink hair, try light pink or blush balayage on platinum or honey blonde hair. The blend creates depth while still looking natural.

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6. Pastel Pink Lob

Pastel Pink Lob-pink hair ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Pairing pink hair with a stylish cut takes this trend next level. Go for a collarbone-length lob and dye it all a faded pastel pink. Tousle some texture into the lob ends.

7. Short Pink Pixie Cut

Short Pink Pixie Cut-pink hair ideas
Source: Freepik.com

If you’re ready for something bold, chop your hair into a pixie cut and dye it bright pink. This funky style screams personality. Style it with extra texture for height.

8. Pink and Purple Peekaboo Highlights

Pink and Purple Peekaboo Highlights-pink hair ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

For a subtle pop of color, opt for thin pink and purple highlights as peekaboos underneath the top layer. Show off these hidden surprises with lifted roots.

9. Blush Pink Curls

Blush Pink Curls-pink hair ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Big, bouncy curls look ultra lively and romantic in a light blush pink shade. Whether you curl your natural texture or add extensions, pink curls exude playful glamour.

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10. Pink Ombre Lob

Pink Ombre Lob-pink hair ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Ombre is a gorgeous way to mix pink hair with your natural shade. Gradually fade chocolate brown into pastel pink on a collarbone-length lob. The blend is seamless.

11. Short Pink Pixie with Side Part

Short Pink Pixie with Side Part
Source: Pinterest.com

Change up your pink pixie cut by adding a dramatic side part and side-swept fringe. This imparts gorgeous asymmetry and face-framing shape to your short pink locks.

12. Pastel Pink Half Up Style

Pastel Pink Half Up Style
Source: hairstyle.com

For an ethereal vibe, sweep pastel pink hair into a voluminous half updo. Let the rest flow down your back in mermaid waves or crimped texture.

13. Warm Rose Gold Bob

Warm Rose Gold Bob
Source: Pinterest.com

Warm up pink hair with rose gold shades. The rich mix of pink, gold and red looks especially lush on a collarbone-length bob cut with blunt ends.

14. Pink Ribbon Curls

Pink Ribbon Curls
Source: Pinterest.com

Wrap random sections of hair around a curling wand, then pin into round ribbon curls. The sculpted coils against pink hair create an artistic effect.

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15. Neon Pink Braids

Neon Pink Braids
Source; Pinterest.com

Incorporate bright neon pink in creative braids, from fishtails to lace braids and more. This adds a fun pop of color while showing off your braiding skills.

16. Pastel Pink Beach Waves

Pastel Pink Beach Waves hair
Source: shein.com

Channel ocean hair vibes with beach waves in faded cotton candy shades. Scrunch a sea salt spray into your pink locks and embrace the natural texture.

17. Pink Headband Highlights

Pink Headband Highlights
Source: Pinterest.com

Coloring the hair hidden underneath a headband is a subtle way to try pink highlights without full commitment. Slide headbands out to reveal the unexpected pink.

18. Short Pink Shag Cut

Short Pink Shag Cut
Source: instagram.com

A shag cut with short choppy layers is edgy yet playful in pink. Go for a faded fuchsia shade and add waves or natural texture to the layers.

19. Light Pink Lob with Curtain Bangs

Light Pink Lob with Curtain Bangs
Source: hadviser.com

Curtain bangs are perfect for framing the face in pink hair colors. Light pink paired with face-framing curtain fringe is romantic and chic.

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20. Bright Pink Braided Bun

Bright Pink Braided Bun
Source: braidhairstyles.com

Show off your pink hair color in fun updos like braided buns. Weave small plaits along the hairline before smoothing everything into a top knot.

21. Blush Pink with Dark Roots

Blush Pink with Dark Roots
Source: Pinterest.com

For a stylish grown-out effect, leave dark roots with blush pink lengths and ends. The contrast looks intentional and dimensional.

22. Short Hot Pink Pixie

Short Hot Pink Pixie
Source: Pinterest.com

Make a bold statement with a short pixie in a rich hot pink shade. This vibrant color works well on straight, coily and curly textures.

23. Blended Pink Highlights

Blended Pink Highlights
Source: hadviser.com

Ask your colorist to paint thin highlights in light and bright shades of pink. The blended mix looks like a natural spectrum from strawberry to blush.

24. Pink Ribbons in Ponytail

Pink Ribbons in Ponytail
Source: allthingshair.com

Turn a ponytail into a focal point by tying thick ribbons in bright neon pink around the elastic holder. This instantly grabs attention.

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25. Peach and Pink Balayage

Peach and Pink Balayage
Source: Pinterest.com

Combine peachy and pink hues for a dreamy balayage effect. Peach at the roots and midlengths fades into cotton candy pink ends.

26. Deep Fuchsia Curls

Deep Fuchsia Curls
Source: Pinterest.com

Make bright fuchsia curls really pop against darker hair by curling the lengths only. Leave roots dark for striking contrast on the curls.

27. Sherbet Ombre Melt

Sherbet Ombre Melt
Source: Pinterest.com

Have your colorist blend sunset sherbet shades like orange, peach, pink and yellow for a unique ombre melt effect. The mix looks like a tropical sunset.

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28. Frosted Short Pink Pixie

Frosted Short Pink Pixie
Source: Pinterest.com

Amp up a cropped pink cut with lightened ends. Ask for hand-painted babylights concentrated around the tips and sides to create a frosted effect.

29. Peony Pink Faux Hawk

Peony Pink Faux Hawk hair
Source: thehairstyler.com

Buzz the sides of your hair short and leave length through the middle for a pink faux hawk. Go for a warm peony pink shade on the longer section.

30. Pastel Pink Bantu Knots

Pastel Pink Bantu Knots
Source; curlynikki.com

Bantu knots on pastel pink hair become three-dimensional round coils. Wrap small sections before bed and release gorgeous spirals in the morning.


Pink hair allows you to get creative with vibrant shades as well as soft pastels. And whether you opt for all-over color or highlights, temporary or permanent dye, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful pink hair ideas. Find the shades and technique that you feel most confident rocking this season.

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