Red Hair Actress

    Do you love to look unique and stylish from your clique? With the red hair actress style trending in the US, most colorists have their cellphones ringing non-stop. Besides blonde and red hair shades, there are other fancy and modern eye-catching highlights.

    In the 1970s, girls remodeled the usual American culture of black hair with sexy red hair. Later on, older women who preferred this fabulous classy hairdo took the stage. However, today that’s not their cup of tea. The style is back to the girls!

    Wait! Here is something interesting in today’s world. There is less than 2% of the world population with natural redheads. Hence, it is why youths, young moms have now adopted it, and each is stepping out in a diverse look.

    Suppose you are wearing a different hair color from your usual shade. The head color should update you in countless ways. For example, the red shows courage and audacity. It shows you are energetic with a powerful personality, among other brave traits. So, do you still have second thoughts about being a hot redhead?

    However, before honoring your next salon appointment, these famous women will make you rethink your hair shade. Well, not so fast! Today, we have compiled for you a comprehensive list of red headed actresses to adore. Read on to learn why this color is hotter than before!

    21 Actresses with Red Hair

    1. Emma Stone


    Her signature is a redhead! Emma Stone is an American superstar who loves to stay unique right from her wardrobe to the top. Guess what! She was born a blonde-haired woman, but that’s history for now. The sexiest woman alive first visit to the dye chair was during the ‘Superbad’ movie.

    Her popularity grew more during the ‘Crazy Stupid Love and the ‘Favorite’ movies. This outstanding performer ranks among the famous red headed actresses. Although she switched to blonde in the ‘Spider-Man’ contract, she often prefers her dyed hair.

    2. Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan

    Despite wearing the naughty girl redhead hairdo, Lindsay Lohan is still on top in acting. During her role as Cady Heron, fans questioned her hair hue. Hence, her ‘Mean Girls and Freaky Friday’ films suit her courageous personality. However, despite joking about her hair color, she is born redheaded.

    Besides acting, this famous teen movie actor is a designer, singer, and businessperson. Ok, just to refresh your mind!

    Do you remember the Little LiLo in the ‘Parent Trap’ hot movie in 1998? If you were a kid then, it’s crazy to forget such an interesting matchless premiere. Yeah, the switch was Lindsay! Now, you know… Mmmh, kids grow so fast!

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    3. Ellie Bamber

    Ellie Bamber

    Her acting in ‘Zombies’ and ‘The Falling’ gives her the audacity to stand out wearing that unique hair fashion. These movies demanded she be bright ginger; hence, she had to dye her hair.

    This English actress is a recent member of the club redhead. Her pale strawberry hair covers her striking upcoming star face. She doesn’t shy away from being white blonde. Instead, she says, “I think I should have been born a redhead. It goes with my personality.” To her, “Some things were meant to be.”

    4. Alicia Witt

    Alicia Witt

    This American star is not only a singer but also a pianist and actor. Despite acting from a tender age of 5 years, Alicia Witt leaves nothing to chance. Her style portrays her as one of the sexiest redhead actresses.

    During the 2018CMAawards, Alicia posted in her Twitter account, “Yes, it happened! Redhead in a red dress. Besides appearing in Last Holiday and Christmas at Cartwrights as a performer, she’s the redhead celebrity to adore.

    5. Rihanna Robyn


    It is obvious Rihanna can’t miss being a member of the hot redhead actresses. She is a darling to most teens; hence, it is no wonder most youths now trend the style. Rihanna can be crazy, but not with her caramel skin type and ginger hair. These two matchless possessions bring her out in a positive appearance.

    Rihanna is one of the black actresses under 40 that dragged back on her red-hair train in 2019 and 2010. To crown it all, this talented actor is also a singer, designer, and entrepreneur with many hats to admire. Wait, there’s more to come. So, keep reading to discover more about these redhead role models.

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    6. Julia Moore

    Julia Moore

    Here is another Oscar-Winning ginger girl. Julia Moore leads other actors in wearing redheads. Is she really in the red headed actresses club or just an act? Well, her hair color landed her to wear outstanding fashion houses like Valentino and Chanel.

    She says her affinity to other redheads pushes her to greet even strangers. “Whenever I see one on the street, I nod or say hello – you notice each other.”

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    7. Karen Gillan

    Karen Gillan

    The cute Scottish star has a brave personality that matches her red hair color. Karen Gillan doesn’t shy away from trying crazy stuff such as this one. Her appearance at the ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ proves her love for horror movies representing courage in redheads.

    8. Alyson Hannigan

    Alyson Hannigan

    This sitcom red hair actress Alyson Hannigan has fair skin that matches well with her hair. She first dyed her hair to play in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’ However, most fans ask if she is a redhead. Well, read on to grasp more!

    She grew up wearing medium-brown hair; hence, it’s not her natural hair shade. Although being a pure brunette, she often changes her hair to suit her performance and character. One perfect feeling about her head, she doesn’t regret going red.

    9. Isla Fisher

    Isla Fisher

    Are you struggling to figure out Isla Fisher’s natural hair color? Yep! She holds an auburn head. It’s a hangdog look on the faces of those with negative thoughts – sorry to disappoint. This Australian beauty has natural ginger locks that blend well with her ivory skin tone.

    Her role in ‘Bachelorette’ brings out the Army Adams look-alike feature. However, this ginger head player is unique in every action she takes. For most people, her ‘Now You See Me’ play spots her out with ease.

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    10. Kate Mara

    Kate Mara

    Everyone has his or her natural look. So does Kate Mara with her real red hair. The ‘house of cards’ actor has brown eyes that flatter in with the hair in a magical way. She’s among the hot redhead actresses who worry less about going back to their everyday shade.

    This American film producer and Hollywood redhead actress brightened the cover of May 2018 Shape magazine with her redhead. Street gossip has it that her strict vegan diet is the hand behind her healthy hair look. However, Kate has changed hairstyles through the years of her career.

    11. Jessica Chastain

    Jessica Chastain

    This red headed diva rose to fame because of her ginger trademark. This move landed her the Oscar Nomination. Apart from that, she has appeared on the ‘big screen’ as the formidable D.C. powerbroker.

    During her interview with REFINERY29, Jessica says, “It’s all-natural! As a child, I didn’t want to be different. I wanted to look the same as everyone else because I didn’t want to be singled out. I realized that’s who I am, and my differences make me special.”

    Besides that, it’s an uphill task for Jessica even in childhood. She adds to say, “I was ridiculed for having red hair; for having freckles.”

    12. Christina Hendricks

    Christina Hendricks

    The ‘Mad Men’ star wore her natural blonde hair for most of her career. However, Christina Hendricks’ trademark is now redhead and still looks pretty on the NBC comedy. It might interest you that her previous hair fashion makes her look no different!

    Guess What! This cute actor has been visiting the colorist since she was ten years old. That explains why most fans get confused about her natural form.

    13. Madelaine Petsch

    Madelaine Petsch

    Madelaine Petsch is not afraid to display her cute red hair. Her role in the ‘Cheryl Blossom’ brought her fame, but she still wore her sexy hair shade. The known QUEEN of natural redheads keeps her long and shiny hair neat at all times.

    Madelaine is unique, unlike other celebrities who possess the hue in natural form. Guess why! She strives to maintain her roots, saying, “If I dyed my hair, my mother would disown me.”

    14. Heather Graham


    Is Heather Graham wearing a natural hair color? No hair shade looks incredible on Heather Graham than the red color. Apart from being one American sexiest redhead actresses, she’s unique with medium-light to dark blonde fine hair.

    In 1989, Heather won an Independent Spirit Award for best-supporting actor. The ‘Gus Sant’s’ film earned her the ‘Free Spirit’ term after her nomination. Besides ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’ film, she performed in ‘Norm of the North’ and ‘Californication’ series. For Netflix’s lovers, watch the ‘Flaked’ to spot if she still adores her redhead.

    15. Milla Jovovich

    Milla Jovovich

    This Hollywood redhead actress loves her hair signature and red as a shade. Milla is also a model besides being a singer. According to Forbes records, she’s among the highest-paid models worldwide. Since 1985, Milla is still active in her professional circles; hence, she doubled her earnings much more!

    16. Amy Adams

    Amy Adams

    Most movie fans spotted Amy Adams because of her ginger head. Her significant role in ‘American Hustle and Enchanted’ made it easier for people to recognize her. Although she looks excellent in auburn hair in most of her movies, she is born blond.

    According to Amy, she believes her red look contributed to her acting success. “The minute I went red, it was like, ‘quirky’ instead of flirtatious and dumb.” With seven Golden Globes and five Oscar’s nominations, indeed, the red ‘quirky’ actor has a story to tell.

    17. Sophie Turner

    Sophie Turner

    Are you among those whispering to know Sophie Turner’s natural hair color? Well, she is among few celebrities with deep ginger hair that completes her flawless, perfect skin. She went white blonde during the ‘Game of Thrones’ film, though she’s blonde in natural form.

    Over the years, Sophie has changed her hair fashion to suit her work. However, she prefers to remain blonde. For example, in 2017, she said “Next year will do something fun like pink, blue, or green.” However, that didn’t happen as planned.

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    18. Renee Olsted

    Her shiny red hair is eye-catching besides being curly. Lauren Miller in ‘Still Standing’ TV drama is a young model to watch out for in the entertainment world. Renee Olsted is an American singer and actor.

    This Norwegian heritage girl is among those whose redhead has opened luck in their careers. In one of her Instagram posts, Renee says, “Here’s me wearing the hair god gave me.” Apart from being natural ginger, she often dyes her hair blonde for her occupation.

    19. Bella Thorne

    Bella Thorne

    Her stunning and demanding role in ‘Midnight Sun’ show reflected her vibrant hair shade. Bella Thorne is an American singer, Instagram star, actress, and model who’s still active to date. You can add the Neutrogena ambassador title to her endless list of titles.

    Bella Thorne, not her real name, has shot so many photos and films in redhead that many people doubt her natural color. She had this to say about it. “A lot of people don’t know I’m not actually a redhead. I’m a blonde.

    Bella went redhead for the movie ‘Big Love.’ However, she went back to blonde for Disney. Overall, she loves all her scenes, and to crown it all, she gives all the credit to her hairstylist Castillo.

    20. Natalya Rudakova

    Natalya Rudakova

    This natural redhead actress was born in Leningrad, the former Soviet Union. However, at 17 years old, she moved to New York, where she resides to date. Her first appearance was in the ‘Transporter 3’ as the female lead.

    This beauty wears a natural redhead. She is lucky to be among the 2% around the globe with the original tint.

    21. Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman

    She first played in the ‘Days of Thunder,’ a Hollywood exciting film. The former wife of Tom Cruise started acting in Australia. Here is something interesting about Nicole Kidman. She has dual citizenship because of her Hawaii birthright. Hence, she can live in Australia and the US.

    Nicole is a natural redhead with some thick and curly threads. Apart from that, she has been blonde for many years. Here is a star that has had her hairstylist do it all! From short, long, curly to straight hair, Nicole has worn all these within her career.

    Here is what you have been waiting to hear! May 26 is the day for those who adopted the new twang to celebrate. Therefore, you wanna not miss an inch of the action!

    Now, listen to this! Did you know some facts about red hair? Redheads attract bees. Now you know!

    All said and done! Time is now to show courage and move with the crowd. Give that hair the much-needed color change today. It is rare to find a natural red hair actress. However, this should not discourage you from artificial hair dyes.

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