22 Trendy Braided Hairstyles For Boys and Men (2024 Styles)

The hairstyles we choose greatly enhance our looks and personalities. So it is always a good idea to choose a perfect hairstyle according to our get-up that can compliment us. Hairstyles are always a concern for girls, but they are not the only ones anymore.

Currently, boys also seem to be highly concerned about their hairstyle choices, and here we go with the solution. Right here, we present some of the best boys braided hairstyles that can make your look fantastic.

This collection of braided hairstyles is unique and cool. You can also share your favourite boys braided hairstyle by commenting below.

Importance Of Braided Hairstyles

The most effortless and most comfortable hairstyle for men is to braid, tie, or knot their hair in various braided designs. It also enhances the functionality and gives them a more masculine look. However, with braided hairstyles, you also don’t need to set your hair again and again. All of these braided hairstyles have a rich history, and in addition to making the traditional look trendy, they add a new twist to your look as well.

1. Bun and Braided Hairstyle

Bun and Braided Hairstyle

Bun with braided style is always the trendiest style. This hairstyle can be done with hair that is somehow a little longer to roll and twist. It will make you look more handsome and cool.

All you need is to make small and neat braids with different patterns. At the top of the back of the head, the ends of the braids are combined to form a bun. You can also make a straight hairstyle with the front hair to give an elegant look. Be sure to make small and neat braids with your bun hairstyle.

2. Back Braided Style

Back Braided Style

Braids are often done at the top front or on sides. But these easy braid styles are somehow different from them. The back braided hairstyle gives you a more unique and versatile look.

For making this hairstyle, just make a traditional braid from the backside to the other side of your head. Now pin up the end of the braid. For the front top hair, you can go with multiple options. You can part the hair in two portions symmetrically or asymmetrically, and here you go with the back braided hairstyle.

3. Backward Braided Style

Backward Braided Style

This braided style is very easy as it seems to be. You don’t need to put a lot of effort into making small french braids and such intricate scalp patterns at all.

All you have to do is make a braid starting from your nap and going to the upward side. The reverse braid will be quite easy to make if you have smooth, silky hair. However, you can make a bun at the end of your braid to tie your hair and here you are, good to go with your reverse braid.

4. Cornrows Braided Hairstyle

Cornrows Braided Hairstyle

In cornrows braided style, the braids are made very close to the scalp of your head. The braids are tight enough to give a neat and robust look. Its tidy, clean appearance makes cornrows easy to maintain, but they still have an iconic edge that makes them desirable.

The cornrows for boys has always been the favourite hairstyle, especially for athletes, as it helps them develop a robust look. Moreover, it allows them to move and play freely without the interruption of their hair. Grabbing a traditional braiding method like cornrows is flexible, which is why this braiding method has been around for years.

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5. Long Umbrella Braids

Long Umbrella Braids

These long umbrella braids are great for long hair and give you a fantastic and robust look. They are right close to your scalp and falls downwards like the stream. These braids also look like corns and have a robust look.

The umbrella braids are common on stage singers and pop stars. You can notice the level look they have with them. Also, you have the option of adding colourful or plain bands to tie the ends of the braids. Let’s try yourself one of these amazing boys braided hairstyles.

6. Umbrella Braided Hairstyle

Long Umbrella Braids

This hairstyle has the most impressive and attractive shape out of all the braided styles. It has a focal point in the right centre of the head, and braids are going on every dimension from that focal point.

For creating this hairstyle, you need to have a good hair length that can make some long braids fall to every side. You can also add some small and thin-sized braids to enhance the hairstyle look with thick braids. Make sure that the braids are not too tight so that they will begin to hurt after a while.

7. Braided Ponytail Style

Braided Ponytail Style

An effortless boy’s braided hairstyle is a French braided ponytail. If your hair looks straight back or you’re tired of wearing a man bun, you’ll love the braided ponytail.

This hairstyle consists of a single braided tale that runs behind the back. The braid can be simple or french. This style also gives you the charm of the traditional Viking braided style with a robust masculine look. To give your ponytail a stylish look, you can also add some small braids.

8. Feed-In Braided Style

Feed-In Braided Style

Feed-in braided style is somehow an effortless braided style and looks cool to have. This braided style has the varying width of the braids. As you move towards the back of your head, the width of the braid changes. It can either increase or decrease depending upon your style.

You can also add some small zigzag or overlapped braids in feed-in braided style to enhance the look. However, there can be a small ponytail or bun at the back. It is also possible to change the number of braids according to your style.

9. Zig-Zag Pattern Braids

Zig-Zag Pattern Braids

Getting creative with the zigzag pattern is fun and a great way to express yourself. It’sIt’s not common to see straight braids, which is why zigzag braids may give you a new look. Moreover, it will also add a level of excitement that you can’t find when your hair is shaped the same.

There are many ways to design zigzag patterns, from a loose braid to a tight braid like the fishbone braid. It is always important to consider neatness when choosing a zigzag pattern for your hair. The neater the pattern, the more impressive the style will be.

10. Small Braids With Shaved Sides

Small Braids With Shaved Sides

Faded cuts are among the most popular trends, and braids take this style to another level. The braids can be added in various ways to this style, like small cornrows or braids with zigzag patterns. Just make sure to make this style with some long hair so that it can quickly and easily be done.

11. Single Braided Style

Single Braided Style

The single braided style is as easy as it gets. It only takes some minutes to make this beautiful braided style, and it is also one of the most popular boys braided styles.

All you have to do is to gather all your hair and make a single neat braid. The braid can either go straight down or to the middle of the hair length. Your single braided style is complete once you secure your hair with an invisible hairband.

12. Double Braids With Faded Cut

Double Braids With Faded Cut

This hairstyle is also an effortless boy’s braided hairstyle. You have to make two double-side braids, either small or big, upto you. The width of double braids can vary, and once you have done, it will make you look stylish and handsome.

Double braids can easily go with a faded cut or sometimes with a ponytail. However, it is best to go with the faded cut, as the faded cut will enhance the look of your braids.

13. Triple Braided Bun Style

Triple Braided Bun Style

It takes some effort to make the triple-braided hairstyle for men, but you will surely love your look when you see the results. All you need is to make three braids starting from your hairline to the back of your head. Moreover, you can also tie a braided bun on the back, giving boys a badass look.

It’s easy to braid a triple-braided bun with a simple braid, but if you want to go with french braid hairstyles you can do that too. Let’s make this triple-braided hairstyle with a cool bun.

14. Full Head with Side Braids

Full Head with Side Braids

The full head braided style will undoubtedly be new and surprising for you, but it will look fantastic if you try it in the right way. This braided style needs to be done from one side to the other. All you have to do is start either from the left or right side of your head and make braids to the other side. Additionally, try to keep the distance between the braids equal. You can have 4 braids or more in this braided style.

15. Small Pattern Braids

Small Pattern Braids

Usually, long hair suits braiding the best since it provides plenty of styling options, but that does not mean shorter hair cannot be styled. Your main goal is to ensure that you have selected the right braided style to make a more admirable hairstyle.

Afterwards, microblading techniques that allow for beautiful and intricate looks are used to make your aesthetic as small as possible. Small braids seem to look better with an undercut as it makes them stand out. You can use many different braided styles like zigzag or round in a single small braided pattern.

16. Small Over Lapped Braids

Small Over Lapped Braids

Small braids with some intricate pattern obviously need some effort and time, but it looks fantastic once you have done with it. There are some boys who will surely be in love with these small overlapped braids.

For making this hairstyle, you have to make small braids neatly with all your hair. After making small braids, now make a solid geometrical pattern by overlapping the braids to the back of your head. Now you can tie all the braids at the back to not open and disturb the style at all. It is recommended to make a small bun with these ends of braids.

17. Two Side Braids With Bun

Two Side Braids With Bun

The two side braids on the top of the head create an illusion of a mirror with a decent appearance. These are basically the French braids and starts from the hairline to the back. From the back, both ends are tied in a high tale.

This braided hairstyle is especially for those boys who don’t want their hair to hang on the face or neck. The centre of the head can be styled in more elaborate ways by braiding a thicker braid around the edges. As with any bun, the style works nicely when you need to look on-trend and don’t have much time to make the intricate styles.

18. Mohawk Braids

Mohawk Braids

These edgy braids are perfect for a cool look. Mohawk hairstyles don’t require you to shave your hair, so you can try this fantastic look without committing to it. These braids give you a robust look like the Viking people.

19. Fish Braided Hairstyle

Fish Braided Hairstyle

This may seem like a strange name for a hairstyle, but it is named after the look of the scalp. It gives a fishbone appearance once you have done with it.

Braided hairstyles like this don’t require a lot of effort. It is easy to make and give a cool contrasting look. Fish braided hairstyle is popular among kids and looks good on them. You should symmetrically part your hair before applying this hairstyle. However, you can choose to go with multiple braids but always try to make less than four braids.


20. Box Braided Hairstyle

Box Braided Hairstyle

Box braided hairstyle is somehow tricky to make, but it will look wonderful if you do it nicely and neatly. It forms a unique geometrical scalp pattern. Those boys who have a Mohawk cut can go for this hairstyle.

Box braided hairstyle needs to be braiding a small section so that the braids will form straight geometrical lines in square shapes. Just leave the braids as they fall to the sides of the head. However, you can also tie up the ends of the braids with bands to make braided ponytail hairstyles.

21. High Fade with Braids

High Fade with Braids

22. Colorful Braid Extensions Boys

Colorful Braid Extensions Boys

Final Words

If you are the one who loves braided styles, then make your hair length somehow a little longer. Long hair is considered best to go with braided styles. However, you can also go with boys braided styles, even with short hair. It’s just a matter of braiding neatly with the right pattern, and then you have your badass braided hairstyle. Moreover, you can keep up with these braided styles if you are a rapper, sportsperson, or dancer.

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