These days world is going through one of the most severe global crises. The safety that we felt around us within the previous 70 years is broken now. Moreover, people all over the world are concerned with possible food insecurity.

    Obviously, the developing countries are expected to be the first to suffer. Nevertheless, even though we should remember to help those in need, we should not lose optimism and try to stick to our usual lifestyle.

    One of the simplest ways to keep calm and do a small favor for yourself is by organizing your self care routine. In a broader sense, it means everything starting from buying your favorite flowers to decorate your room or serving the table like in the most expensive restaurant for dinner with your family to having the ritual of drinking a hot cup of tea every evening.

    In a narrower context, a self care routine is all the procedures aimed at making you feel even more beautiful and healthy. For instance, following the habit of having face cream every night and day, not forgetting to put the sunscreen on, or even having your hair cut. All these things seem to be usual for many of us.

    Simultaneously, when talking frankly, tell yourself how many times you forgot to wash the makeup off or to brush your teeth before you go to sleep.

    One of the most popular kinds of skincare cosmetics now is that containing CBD. Some people get interested because they feel like access to something that was under lock for many years. That is the motivation easy to understand.

    Just imagine a child that was never allowed to eat chocolate finding chocolate cookies and having everyone around saying that the cookie is not only allowed but also useful?

    The same happens to people who were always said that marijuana is something prohibited and malicious. Then, such a person is going through the pharmacy and sees a soap or shampoo with the extract of the cannabis.

    Firstly, the person might get a little surprised, but the second reaction will definitely be interesting, so there is a high chance that a person will buy the product. Let’s try to figure out whether this is just marketing or cbd oil has a real positive effect on the skin.

    Possible Prons Of CBD Oil For Skin

    To begin with, we should mention that cannabis consists of plenty of cannabinoids, however, the content of the plat consists of two major components. Their scientific names are CBD and THC. THC is the one that every person is slightly afraid of. The reason is that THC is the component of marijuana that causes addiction.

    Therefore, those who are prone to addictive substances might easily get obsessed with them, even though marijuana is not considered to be a heavy drug. THC is often separated from even the strongest cbd oil at the point of production. Only a tiny part of THC finally gets into the product in the end. This percentage cannot make anyone harshly addicted.

    As for CBD, it is considered to be the so-called “good” part of the marijuana plant. In the plant, the percentage of THC is bigger but people still grow marijuana or hemp to get the best cbd oil possible. The other name for CBD is medical marijuana.

    The point is that doctors and other specialists use its beneficial activities for the treatment of various symptoms of heavy diseases. For instance, medical marijuana can be used to alleviate pain, decrease anxiety, or reduce inflammation. The number of diseases that are accompanied by these symptoms is quite high.

    However, CBD is used not for all of them. In fact, only some kinds of patients suffering from arthritis, cancer, epilepsy, or even depression can get a prescription for medical marijuana.

    Getting back to medical marijuana for skincare, it might be beneficial for acne or other skin issues. The anti-aging effects of medical marijuana may be attributed, in part, to the effects of myrcene, one of the most abundant terpenes found in cannabis. Myrcene is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, both of which can help reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. However, remember that one cannot use CBD at one’s discretion. One should always consult a doctor who is a skin expert.

    Such skin conditions as psoriasis or eczema can be slightly improved by frequent use of CBD ointment within a considerable timeline, at least three months. The other important point is that one should not expect to get rid of the illness at once and forever. However, such small improvements as the disappearance of inflammation can be observed.

    The best idea is to develop a complex skincare routine with a dermatologist in order to fight against your skin issues. In case, this program will include cbd oil, do not be afraid of it. Firstly, check whether it is not banned in your region, and then head for better skin.

    The problem with the topic is that there are a scarce number of studies on the topic, which rather impairs the possibility to draw conclusions on the topic.

    Possible Negatives of CBD Oil For Skin

    Before we start discussing the possible disadvantages of CBD use for your skin, one must understand that we are talking about officially approved, certified cbd oil, not the substances of dubious origins.

    That is why while choosing the oil, it is not enough to just read a couple of cbd oil reviews. You need to see the official documents that prove that you do not get a lemon.

    So far there were not many side effects found in the use of CBD ointments. Generally, there exists the possibility of having an allergy to CBD and, thus, getting a rash.

    However, no studies were conducted on whether the rash is the outcome of CBD oil use or the other components of the ointment. Especially, talking about cosmetics, the allergy can be caused by other chemicals contained in the product.


    Despite the global insecurity, remember that your mental health is your first priority and establishing your daily skincare routine is one of the steps to feel ok in a difficult part of your social and private life.

    In case, you are willing to try a new product containing CBD, you should never be afraid. However, it is always a good idea to consult a skin expert first.

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